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    Peace be upon you,
    Welcome to Madinat Al-Muslimeen, the City of the Muslims. Please feel free to visit the different hot spots around the Madina and post any discussion, articles, suggestions, comments, art, poetry, events, recipes, etc etc. Basically anything you would like to share with your sisters and brothers!! Non-muslims are also of course quite welcome to share their comments. If this is your first time here, you need to register with the city council. Once you register you have 15 days to post your mandatory introduction and then you will be upgraded to a Madina Citizen, God Willing. Please note that our city does have regulations which are listed in the city constitution. Read them carefully before moving in. P.S. - You can also post anonymously if you wish. P.S.S. - Also be sure to check out our ARCHIVES from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007. :)

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Whats Standard In All Packages:
Depart : November 22nd/23rd, 2008

Return : December 12th, 2008

Hotel Accommodation at Hilton Hotel / Hilton Towers Hotel (Makkah) () and Dar al Hijra Intercontinental Hotel (Madinah) ()

Hotels in Makkah And Madinah are very close to the Haram

Madinah (Huh???): Dar al Hijrah Intercontinental (5 star)

Breakfast Buffet and Dinner Buffet during stay in Hotel prepared

Accommodation at Mina in upgraded tents with meals and cold drinks all day

Travel to Madinah by Bus

Our Group is one of the only groups accompanied by English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Pashtu, Farsi and Punjab speaking leaders

Accommodation in Arafat in tents

Accomodation in Azziyah Building two nights prior to Hajj, for full day work shop sessions in prepration

Visits to all holy sites in both Makkah And in Madinah

24/7 access to leader/guides  - main Group Leader - Imam Zameer Sattaur of New York and Shaykh Abdullah alFawal of NJ

Visa Services are provided

Hajj seminars will be conducted in New York   

Live Online Web Seminars will be conducted for those who cannot attend

In-depth Hajj Seminars will be conducted by Shaykh Zameer and his team of Scholars prior to Hajj trips.

Seminars are interactive with Question & Answer sessions.

Free Hajj Guide Books/Pamphlets

Identification cards will be provided

Free Ihram for all brothers

Free Khimar (big scarf) with white outfit for all sisters

Free Hajj acessories, i.e. Handbag (for sandals), Jamarah Bag, Lugguage Tags, Room Tags, Passport Cover, Musallah (for Salah)


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 oldshaykh For those in the UK try www.hajjumrah.co.uk for a list for tour operators
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