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Author Topic: Israeli Proxy Wars  (Read 710 times)
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“British government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for Jewish people and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object,” - In letter (November 2, 1917) from British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour (a Jew) to Lord Rothschild, the wealthies Jew in Britain, who was later known as “Father of Israel”.

“State of Israel would need conflicts and wars to survive,” - David Ben Gurion, first prime minister of Israel.

“If Israel put a motion that The Ten Commandment is a forgery - there will be 70 US Senators and 300 Congressmen, who will support that motion,” - Israeli wrier, Uri Anveri

Like Iran’s president’s misquoted words “Wipe Israel off the map” - Islamic Iran’s ambition to acquire nuclear bombs - is nothing but a Zionist hoax created to convince Americans to wage another proxy war for Israel. Iran need nuclear power-generation to combat its depleting oil and gas resources. On the other hand - Israel is already in possession of nuclear bombs and the world’s largest armed nation, the US, to protect its existence.

The Zionist leaders knew from the very begining of their plot that it could only survive in the Middle East - if they keep the neighbouring Muslim nation-states divided and fregmented. It has since waged wars against Egypt (1956), Egypt-Syria-Jordan (1967), Iraq (1981), Lebanon (1982 & 2006), and Palestinian

The US wars against Muslim countries is to hold its control over rich oil and gas resources of these countries, while Israel wants to create regional conditions that will allow it to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian and rob the water resources of its Arab neighbours - which Zionist-regime cannot accomplish alone and therefore, need the US to wage its ‘proxy wars’. Usually, great powers have waged war through less powerful allies - but, thanks to powerful Jewish lobby groups, the table has been turned in the US and the EU countries.

Israel’s hold over the US elites doesn’t stop at its pro-Israel lobbies, such as AIPAC, AJC, ADL, and over dozen of other Jewish and Zionist groups - but also carried out via US Congress, Senate and Jewish-controlled mass-media, press, internet, publishing-houses, and Hollywood. Though Jewish population in the US is not more than 2% of its total population - both its Congress and Senate is packed with pro-Israeli Jewish and Zionist yesmen. American politicians are so affraid of pro-Israel Jewish groups that would not dare to question Israeli genocide of Palestinian. Earl Hilliard, Cynthia McKinney and Robert Findley dared and they were defeated by pro-Israel fundings for stepping out of line.

The Israel Lobby groups are so powerful that most US tax-payer don’t know that they have funded to the tune of 1,600-3,000 billion dollars to a foreign country, Israel, which has a Jewish population less than the Jews in the US. The official annual aid US$3-6 billion) is only a small part of the cost of Israel to US economy. One got to add to that cost the loan guarantees and loan write-offs, annual bribes paid to Egypt (US$2 billion) and Jordan (US$300 million) for supporting America’s unquestionable Israel policy and keep pressure over Islamic Resistance groups in Egypt, Jordan, occupied Palestine and Lebanon. Thomas Stauffer, an economist consultant in Washington - calculated all these and other cost to the US - he concluded that “Israel has cost the US more than US$1.6 trillion since 1973.

The other achievement of Jewish Lobby is Washington’s records of its Veto power in United Nations Security Council. Since 1945, when United Nations was created by the Victors of WW II - Washington has used its Veto power 76 times - 40 of them were used to shield Israel.

The naive western planners, who thought that after the so-called “Iraqi threat”, is destroyed - Israel would be satisfied about its survival - are waking up to the reality - that now Israel demands “regime change” in Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Lebanon. Israel’s 2006 attack on Lebanon was a test to destroy Hizb’Allah and show its military muscle to both Damascus and Tehran - but the fate did not helped the Jews and their noses were bloodied in the 34-day war more than it was done by the regular armies of Egypr and Syrian armies in the past.

The Israeli proxy wars would not end with Iran or Syria - Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt would be added to the list.

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