// How Can Allah Love Us?
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الَسَـــــــلاَمُ عَلَيــْــكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكـَـاتُه
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Actions to increase Allah's love to us

    * When we pray the five obligatory prayers.
    *When we pray the voluntary prayers, God's love to us increases.
    *Every time we increase our voluntary (Sunnah) prayers, God will strengthen our faith and bless us with piety.

Examples of Allah's love to us

    *Allah (SWT) created Adam with His own hands and granted him and his wife Paradise, and the Angels therein to look after them. This is how much He loves us.

    *Allah loves us so much, that when we perform a good deed, He multiplies it by 10 for our account! And when we do one bad deed it will only be recorded as one bad deed!

    *Allah has 99 names. Three names are of punishment and anger. Some of them are of Allah's Power and Might. The rest of His names are of His Mercy and Forgiveness! Doesn't this show that He makes it so easy for us to love Him and seek His Mercy? Yes! Since He is the Most Merciful The Most Kind!

    *Obay Ibn Ka'b was a Jew and later converted to Islam. The Clear-Evidence chapter (Al-Bayena), had been revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Allah (SWT) had told him to recite it to Obay Ibn Ka'b. Before the Prophet Muhammad began to recite it, Obay started to cry. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked Obay why he was crying; he hadn't even started reciting the chapter to him yet. Obay was overwhelmed and asked him "Allah (SWT) said my name, and told you to say the chapter to me?" The Prophet (PBUH) said, 'yes!' Obay started to cry again and said, "Allah (SWT) said my name? He (SWT) mentioned me, myself, me in person, He mentioned me to you? Allah mentioned my name?!" How overwhelmed, loved and special Obay must have felt, to be personally called out by Allah (SWT).

    *As soon as people remember Allah (SWT) and talk of Him, Allah sends the Angels to surround us. This is how much He loves us, for we are in the company of the Angels!

    *A Muslim brother asked "if Allah loves us, why is there so many problems everywhere?" Some people go through bad phases in life because Allah (SWT) wants them to turn to Him, so that He may answer their prayers and show them His Mercy. It is a test so that the human can say to Allah (SWT) 'I need you Allah, please help me.'
* How do you know Allah loves you?
      If you become religious. If you didn't pray before and you have started praying, that means Allah loves you. If you weren't wearing the veil, and you just started to wear it, Allah loves you. If you had bad friends, and you left them, and now you have good friends, then Allah loves you. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that Allah gives the religion to those He loves.

    *Allah makes obedience to Him easy for you. You will be invited to Islamic lectures, and you'll go. You will be given a leaflet to pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah) and you will go. You will turn on the TV and find an Islamic program, so you will learn more about Islam.

    *Allah will make it very difficult for you to commit sins. If you find something bad on TV, you will immediately change the channel. If you hear bad language, you will turn and walk away. If a friend invites you to do something bad, you will find it too difficult to go for your love to Allah (SWT).

    *He will bless you with religious friends, and you will find yourself moving away from your bad friends until they no longer influence you to do bad things again. You will find that all your friends are pious Muslims.

Ramadan Nights: How Can Allah Love Us?

Amr Khaled

Translated by www.daralislaamlive.com

Narrated AbuHurayrah:
The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) used to say: "O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from four things: Knowledge which does not profit, a heart which is not submissive, a soul which has an insatiable appetite, and a supplication which is not heard."
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