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Author Topic: How did the time just fly ...  (Read 1654 times)
um aboodi
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« on: Sep 28, 2008 06:04 AM »


It seems like yesterday that we were preparing ourselves for the month of Ramadan ....
I started the month with so much anticipation and hope of spiritual renewal. Alhamdolellah that Allah swt enabled my family and myself to live through another month of blessings and multiplied rewards.

Now it is the 28 th day!  Only  1-2 days left  :'(

I wish all year would be be like Ramadan...

My heart is heavy ... I don't want it to end . 

I ask Allah that I am able to live through coming Ramadans

Until then, I will try to live Ramadan throughout the year.  The fact that shayateen are chained during the blessed month and that Jahannum is locked up make things easier on us,  psychologically at least. 

So, only 11 more months to go .  will be waiting restlessly till then...

take care

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« Reply #1 on: Sep 28, 2008 09:08 AM »

Salam Alikoum

I don't want it to end

Yes each year i get the same feeling with tears particularly when imam read last surahs of Qur'an

My son 8 yrs told me that he was happy bacause Eid but sad because departure of Ramadan

May Allah accept our qiyam and sawm ( prayers and fasting ) Ameen

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« Reply #2 on: Sep 29, 2008 06:48 AM »


yahh I was feeling the same way, it seemed like yesterday Ramadan just started. I was talking to my cuzin and he was like well that is life. So true. But I guess since Ramadan is so special to us, we really feel it when its departing. its depressing. love this month sooo much!

May Allah swt accept our fasts and duas. 
 and May we make use of every minute as time flies...

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« Reply #3 on: Sep 29, 2008 07:54 AM »

Asalaamu Alaikum  bro

My heart is heavy ... I don't want it to end

You know what I try and do on the last day of Ramadhan?

I try and make sure that I do the last prayer in Ramadhan (ie Asr) in the Masjid.

Knowing that this may be the last ever prayer you perform in the month always makes it special.

Afterwards, if I have time, I sit down somewhere quiet and reflect over the month.

The time between Asr and Magrhib is so symbolic because as the sun begins to set you realise that the month that you hold so dear is gradually slipping away.

The month becomes extended to a lifetime and you wonder if you have done enough once the sun sets upon you for real.

The only experience I can compare it to, is being there at Arafat during Hajj, and seeing the sun go down on that day, hoping all the du’a that you made was accepted.

Then, as if in the blinking of an eye, the sun disappears beneath the horizon and it’s all over.

There’s nothing more you can do.

Fear of acceptance is overtaken by hope, hope that Allah in his Mercy will not overlooking your striving and your efforts.

The athaan for Magrhib, and the start of Eid, rings loud and you know you’ve been given one more opportunity to start again.

May Allah accept all of our deeds during Ramadhan and may He forgive us our shortcomings.

May He make us amongst those who are steadfast and may He grant us the ability to witness another Ramadhan, and if not, grant us the Garden as a recompense.

Say: "O ye my servants who believe! Fear your Lord, good is (the reward) for those who do good in this world. Spacious is God's earth! those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure!" [39:10]

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« Reply #4 on: Sep 29, 2008 02:25 PM »

Assalamo elikuim
So true UmAboodi . Yesterday at taraweeh I was thinking that may be this is the last taraweeh that I am praying this year or may be ever. I know before ramadan started I was thinking how I am going to everything in Ramadan and when I finally got a hang of it/got used to them, got really attached to them,  they are over Sad

Nice advice Br.Khalid, I will definitely try to do that Inshallah.

May Allah swt accept our Ramadan ibadah and may we get opportunity to see another Ramadan , Ameen.


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