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Author Topic: Israel proves it is a democracy, by driving out more arabs to keep JEw majority!  (Read 539 times)
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« on: Oct 18, 2008 12:02 PM »

Palestine: Akka attacks: family testimonies


PNN: Beginning on 8 October and lasting throughout Yom Kippur, the Jewish assault on Palestinians in the city of Akka inside Israeli boundaries grabbed the attention of the international media. Some referred to the violence as “the Akka riots” while others asked whether a third Intifada would spring from the attacks.

Ala Hlehel and the Akka Residents Coalition gathered the testimonies of several affected families which follow.

The Ali Family: Walid and Tamam Ali and their three children have lived on Lopez Street since 1976. On 9 October 2008 at around 19:30, they saw a mass of about 300 people approaching their house. Within seconds the crowd started throwing stones and shouting 'Death to the Arabs,’ 'Leave this place and our country,’ and similar slogans. A barrage of heavy stones (pieces of pavement) was thrown damaging the doors of the house and the windows, including a large glass door in the living room. The attack lasted for around 30 minutes.

Everything within the house was shattered, and the mob closed in on the house. Tamam Ali, the mother, lost consciousness due to a drop in her blood pressure caused by the events. The Ali family called the police multiple times, always receiving the same reply: the police know about what is occurring and would do something but the whole city is in shambles. However, the police never came, and eventually the Ali family called their relatives to ask them to come and assist them in escaping.

Walid Ali's brother and nephew arrived in their car but could not enter their street because the police had put a barrier at the street's entrance and were not allowing anyone to pass. After about one and a half hours of asking the police, two Arab police on guard finally agreed to let them enter the street as well as to accompany them to home of the Ali family. Together they helped the family members leave the house; the mother was in a bad physical condition and the rest of the family was in a state of shock. Throughout the rescue, the mob outside kept throwing stones and swearing, and began cheering that they "succeeded" in driving the family from its house. After the family left the house, the crowds dragged Ali's car into the middle of the street, turned it over and went on throwing stones at it as well as the house.

Later that evening, one of the Jewish neighbors called the police and said that the mob had set fire to the car. That night the police sent six officers to guard the house's entrance. On Friday, the next morning, the eldest son of the family, along with a friend, came to the house to fetch some clothes, money and several other things. The moment they reached the house dozens of Jewish rioters approached them and threatened that they would hurt them if they did not leave immediately. They yelled and swore at them, calling them "dirty Arabs". The two teenagers were scared and left immediately without taking anything. On their way out one of the neighbors – a department manager in the city hall – told the crowds: "Drive them away. Don't let them stay here. We don't want Arabs in this neighborhood and not in our country either. This is our country." The policemen who witnessed all of this did not interfere. That evening, the son's car was also set on fire while the police watched.
On Saturday, the next evening, the mobs set fire to the whole house, again while the police watched. Several Jewish neighbors called the fire brigade. Despite the fact that the fire station is located very close to the house, it took the brigade around 15 minutes to arrive. On Sunday evening, the boys returned again, trying to take some school books and uniforms for the younger son from the house. They found most of the house had been burned down, and no electricity. They could not assess the damage because of the lack of electricity. The neighbors informed them that before the mob had set fire to the house they had stolen manythings from inside.

The Sa'adi Family:

Hana and Jalal Sa'adi live in a house on 9/3 Yosef Gadish Street in Akka's Eastern Quarter. The couple has three daughters aged 7, 6 and 3 and half years old. Hana also has two sons from her previous marriage: Tamer Zaidan (24) and Omri Zaidan (20). On 9 October, the family, including the two sons and three daughters, was at home when a violent Jewish mob appeared outside. The mob forced open the house gate, destroyed the garden and broke the blinds on the living room window and the glass window on the porch. The family called the police multiple times but received no assistance; the police did not come to aid or evacuate the family. After the mob left, Hana fled on foot to the police to ask for help, first from an officer who responded by telling her "to learn her lesson", and then at the police station, where she was told to return home with no police escort, being promised that a YASAM (riot police) unit would be sent immediately. Hana returned home on foot, despite the danger involved. She waited for hoursf or the police unit to arrive.

The next day, the Jewish mob appeared at the house again. Around nine o'clock in the evening, people began to throw rocks at the house while cursing and yelling racist slurs, causing extensive destruction to the house and scaring and traumatizing the entire family. After around twenty minutes a YASAM unit arrived and told the occupants to prepare for a rescue-evacuation. They were evacuated in a police vehicle, while the rioting mob hurled rocks at the vehicle. The vehicle arrived at the station, where the adult members of the family were notified of their arrest. The girls were put into the custody of family members.

The next day, 11 October, Hana, the mother, was released at 2 o'clock in the afternoon but Jalal, Tamer and Omri were kept under arrest. The three, in addition to five Jewish residents who had been arrested, were brought before a judge in the Kiryon Magistrate's Court. Subsequently all of the Jewish detainees were released but the detention of the three Arab detainees was extended and they remained imprisoned. While the family members were trapped in the house, they received no police assistance, and thus they threw stones back at the rioters in order to keep them away. This was the reason given for the arrest and detention of the adult males in the family. This pattern was repeated in the other assault cases: the police arrested the victims of assault together with the perpetrators, and then in court the perpetrators were set free while the victims' detention was extended.

The Rammal Family:

On 8 October, the members of the Rammal Family were removed from their home in Alkalai Street in Akka under police protection because they feared that their lives were in danger. They have been moving to different locations since then and so far have been unable to return home. In an interview with Arab journalists the mother, Ronza Rammal, criticized the powerlessness of the police against Jewish extremists who are creating a regime of terror by attacking Arab families in the area. She emphasized that she and her children live in extremely difficult circumstances, wandering from house to house without their most basic belongings. Her daughter, Walaa, asked all institutions and responsible individuals to interfere quickly and to solve the family’s problems by letting them return to their home. Currently they are living in a two-room apartment in Wolfsson with ten inhabitants.

On Sunday 12 October, Walaa asked the police to escort her to her home in order to pick up clothing and other necessary items for the family. The police refused to accompany her, declaring “We are not your taxi drivers.” However, after the family insisted, the police agreed to their request and two police cars accompanied the taxi in which the family traveled. At the entrance to Alkalai Street, they encountered a threatening mob of Jews shouting “Death to the Arabs!” and the police immediately withdrew, requesting that the family retreat. Ronza Rammal says that these attacks have one goal, “to drive us out of our neighbourhood, and to make the Arabs leave Akka. But we will remain in Akka, where we were born, in spite of the violence directed against us,” she insisted.

The Halaila Family:

The Halaila family was removed from their home in Alkalai Street by the police on 10October after their daughter was attacked by Jewish rioters. The mother and her four daughters currently have nowhere to live. On 12 October, she approached the Akka Municipality ask for help and to find a solution for her problem. In an interview, Mrs. Halaila said: “Our situation is extremely grave. The children do not go to school, we have no clothes, we do not go to work. We asked the Municipality to provide us, as it is obligated to, with temporary living quarters. We also asked to be escorted to our neighborhood in order to collect our necessities and clothing.”

On 12 October they tried to return home, but were attacked and chased away by Jewish rioters.

The Sha'aban Family:

The Sha'aban family’s home on Alkalai Street was attacked, vandalized, and subsequently burned down by Jewish rioters. The police helped the family to leave but did not protect the house.

The Morsi Family:

On 11 October, Jewish rioters attacked the home of Soubhi Morsi in the Al-Manshiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Akka. “They destroyed everything. It just shows how much hatred has been buried inside them for years,” said Morsi in an interview. The attack left the house completely burned down. The Barghouti family’s home in the eastern part of Akka, in HaYotsrim Street, was attacked damaged and set on fire several times during the riots.

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This is what democracy means. Rule by killing all the people who would vote against you.
America did it to its natives, so did the british in Australia. thats the way democracy works.

Khilafah is better than democracy, never in the 14 hundred years of Islam did we do this.
This is not the first time they have behaved like this.
And we are not their first victims.
So when Jews tell you what the Germans did to them and ask you to cry fake tears for them, ask them "What did you do to the germans for them to do that to you?", they can cry tears for themselves, we have none to spear as we are crying for what they are doing to us, right here, right now!
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