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Author Topic: Aunty Shamim’s women spill the beans(Female Madrasa students students told truth  (Read 1764 times)
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Aunty Shamim’s women spill the beans

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shakeel Anjum

ISLAMABAD: Aunty Shamim, who is said to have many closely guarded secrets which have the potential of rocking the high and mighty of the country, was allegedly running a brothel.

It was learnt on authority that the woman uprooted recently by the Jamia Hafsa students used to lure young women searching for job to support their families. The agents of Aunty Shamim were on the look-out for young women who were hard-pressed by circumstances and wanted some job to feed their families. They were lured into this business with the promise of a job.

The modus operandi of the aunty is said to have been very discreet and safe. She was conscious of the fact that it would not be possible for a young woman to be away from house at odd hours, let alone for a night. She had fixed her business hours to coincide with the normal office hours.

This unusual sex business was open to all and sundry in G-6/1 Sector from 9am to 2pm sharp. Sunday used to be a closed day while due deference was paid to Friday as business was closed by noon. She allegedly enjoyed full protection of the Aabpara police as she greased the right palms. In return the police provided her protection.

She was known as a well-connected woman, as she was never touched by any law-enforcement agency despite several complaints lodged by the neighbours and others.

Background interviews reveal that the exploited women had to pay 70 per cent of the earnings to the aunty and could retain only 30 per cent as their “fee”.

The working hours were not displayed at the main entrance of the “centre”. These were, however, known to the regular visitors, including the uniformed policemen.

“I searched for a job for more than seven months after the death of my husband, who worked as a supervisor in a private firm. I failed to get a suitable job, as wherever I went I was overtly or covertly asked for sexual favours,” a young widow, 'N', told this correspondent in an interview.

“In the beginning, I fell into the hands of a dirty old man,” the widow in her late twenties said. “The old man had employed me as a personal secretary in his office in Blue Area but later exploited me sexually.”

Later, she was somehow introduced to Aunty Shamim, who received her affectionately and behaved like a "mother”. She was thus forced by circumstances to accept her offer. She agreed to sell her body to earn money as starvation loomed over her family. She had to feed her children as well as old parents. She told her in-laws and parents that she was working with a semi-governmental organisation.

“The aunty got 70 per cent of the total earned money because she paid as much as 35 per cent to the area police,” she alleged.

“It is a dirty but very lucrative job," she said and maintained, “In this trade in Islamabad one can make millions within a few months.”

Dozens of women were involved in this trade, she said, adding that most of them were educated and had told their families that they were employed in some private organisations. “The women spent five hours in the brothel during the ‘office timings’ and left an hour before the office hours,” she revealed.

“The police provided complete protection to the business and the business centre,” 'T', who used to be second-in-command of Aunty Shamim alleged.

“The police used to inform us well before time if there was to be any raid. In fact, the area police were running the sex trade,” she said and asserted, “No one could dare take on us because of the police shelter.”

Besides the young widow 'N', three other women, on Saturday met this correspondent in The News Bureau Office and claimed that they had been associated with Aunty Shamim and wanted to “expose” her.

Aunty Shamim was said to be so highly connected that she was never touched by any law-enforcement agency despite several complaints lodged by the neighbours and others. However, recently after she was kidnapped by the Jamia Hafsa students and made to announce that she would stop this business, Aunty Shamim left for some unknown destination.

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Remember when everyone were accusing the nikab wearing students of being Bigots?
Remember when everyone were saying they kidnapped an innocent grandmother?

Well now that innocent grandmother has just written a book admitting to be a brothel owner. Everything the nikab wearing Madrasa students said was the truth, but they are all dead now, so it is too late.
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