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Author Topic: Muslim children in need of home  (Read 7373 times)
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« on: Oct 29, 2008 09:55 PM »

From: lucykobzar@hotmail.com
I am writing you becuase I hope to get your help. There are two muslim children in Russia for adoption (boy is 3,5 and his sister - 4,5 years old. Their names are Madina and Islam). I am looking for anybody who whould be interested in helping those kids to find new muslim home. And I want to use all your "connections", because I am sure you know many people. You are very active and interested in helping the needy! : ))
There is a Hadith saying that Muhammad (sallalahu aleihi wa sallam) said to sahaba, that the one who is taking care of orphan will be in Jannah as close to the Prophet (sallalahu aleihi wa sallam) as two fingers!!!
I would like to adopt myself, but don't have any chance. So I'm doing wnat I can - just looking for someone who might be interested. And from my part I can help with any translations, advise, whatsoever necessary.
I don't know anything about those two kids. A couple of months ago a friend of mine just showed me web-site of Russian orphanage with pictures (she showed me other kid she'd like to adopt) - just to see. I looked through pics out of curiosity (and, of course, I feel sooo very bad about all kids there), but was surprised to find 3 children with muslim names. Now I looked to see if anybody adopted "my kids" and they added that 2 of those kids are brother and sister (there is one other boy, his name is Salavat). So I thought I have to do at least something for those children! They need new muslim home and lots of love!!! They want to be taken out of that horrible place called orphan house where they don't get enough food,medication. No hugs, no kisses. They can be beaten by teachers and other kids. And, my primary concern that, of course, they will grow up in hostile environment, far away from Islam. Of course, you'll say all kids are born muslims, but it might be hard to explain to adoptees if they were not from muslim family initially, when they will become teenagers. They may say that they don't want to be muslims, unlike those childred who come from muslim family and have muslim name.
I have no idea how they ended up in orphanage - but they are for adoption - so they will stay there all their childhood (untill 18), unless adopted...
And, of course, preferrably to adopt both of them in one family, so don't separate brother and sister.
I was also wondering if sister Amina whould like to dedicate one of her talks to the importance of help orphans for muslims, and then we could e-mail cildren's pictures to everybody...
I don' t know what else I can do.
So, please, please, please HELP me !!! : )))))))))))))))) At least we can make dua for them!!!!
Assalamu alejkum wa rahmatullahi ta alya wa barajketuh!
her brother, Islam:
Salavat (in no relation to them, I believe):
Pictures made by proud parents, who took a "risk" and gave a child a happiness of home, and loving mother and father ("before" (smaller picture) and "after"):

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« Reply #1 on: Dec 17, 2008 09:10 PM »

Asalam Alaikum .
I have a question. my husband and I are muslim and we live in america. what would have to be done to possibly adopt a muslim child? We have our hearts open to anyone.  purplehijabisis
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« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2010 01:10 AM »

Salam Alaykum,

I'm of Egyptian descent and my husband and I are both Muslims. We are trying to find a Muslim child that is available for adoption. Please write me at jel1070@hotmail.com, my name is Johanna. Thank you.


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