// Room that remains extremely cold-is there anything we can read to get rid of...
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Author Topic: Room that remains extremely cold-is there anything we can read to get rid of...  (Read 2963 times)
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« on: Nov 01, 2008 12:51 PM »

Salam guys,

we've been living in our house now for over 14 years and have a problem with one room in the house and occasional happenings in other parts of the house too.

The room is so cold you'd think you were at the north pole. All jokes aside its very scary as it feels like something or someone is watching you whilst in the room.

Apart from that our cooker (gas stove) has mysteriously turned itself on-which could have been quite deadly and we're thankful to Allah it didn't.  We sometimes hear footsteps but have tried ignoring it and have tried blaming our imaginations.

We have Aytul Kursi's around the house. Salats are read in the house too. Surah Ya'sin and Quranic verses, duass, tasbahs are read in the house everyday too.

Not sure if anyone can suggest something to read to get rid of the eerie feeling/coldness but if you can I will remember you in my duaas.

Your sister,

« Reply #1 on: Nov 01, 2008 03:38 PM »


First eliminate all natural occurances, when were the electrics and gas installed have you had a maintenance check done on them?
Which way does the cold room face? We have a drawing room which is north facing and freezing even in the hottest of summers.

Second when you moved in was the adhaan recited in all the rooms individually? We also do regular recitals of the Quran and surah Yaseen, in get togethers.

If all natural occurances are ruled out, consult an imam.

I think we have a jinn in our house too, as a general rule he/she doesn't bother us, however when I'd recently had my second child, and was waiting for the Fajr adhaan, I was lying curled up with my baby, I heard the adhaan and made preparations to get up only for a loud banging on my bedroom door....I missed that Fajr salat as I was then too petrfiied with fear to get out of my room....

« Reply #2 on: Nov 01, 2008 08:01 PM »

Salam again,

the heating system is fine-we've had the system checked-all the radiators are checked on a regular basis.

The room faces the direction of Qibla and gets a lot of sunlight. We have two rooms facing this direction and the other room is fine-no problems there.

As far as I can remember I do not think the adhaan was recited in every room. This may sound silly but is it okay for a women to recite the adhaan out loud in each room of the house? Just asking as our family consists of women only.

I'm guessing no one was around to knock on your door?

I will try and get hold of an Imam-maybe difficult due to location (there is a Mosque where we are but it only opens for Salat and the Imam is rarely seen outside of these times).

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Yep house was empty except for me and my girls, and I had promised myself I was going to get up for salat, but man the knock on the door spooked me. I was awake and heard it and it was very loud!

Our house Alhumdulillah is rather a cheerful and happy one, I've never felt afraid in it alhumdulillah. Well if the jinn was trying to help me get up for Fajr I'm hoping its a nice one, and does not make itself known again to me...ever.

Ring your local masjid and ask to make an appointment with an imam.

As a general rule, whenever we buy a new home we always do adhaan in every single room before moving in.

Good luck, I do appreciate how very disturbing this must be for you.

Have previous owners ever said anything about the house?

« Reply #4 on: Nov 01, 2008 09:37 PM »


generally we don't feel unsafe-its just on occasions and with the room being so cold its eerie.

The previous person was an old lady-and her son lived with her and he never mentioned any weird goings on.

The jinn in your house sounds friendly...I'm judging based on the wake up call  Kiss

Thank you for your advice.

« Reply #5 on: Nov 02, 2008 10:44 AM »

peace be upon you

I do not see why women cannot say the adhan, but perhaps not for calling to prayers for all Muslims (M & F). Women can lead other women in prayers, and say takbeer in a women-only congregation, so can say the adhan.

However, the use of adhan for protection or dispelling of Jinss is unknown to me.

What you should have done is to read Surah Baqara before moving in the house. You can still do the same. It is proection against shayateen.

In addition, for Jinns, recite the following in the room affected. This has a masnoon basis:

protection from Jinn & Shayateen

First recite the ta`wwuz. Then:

Surah Fatiha (1: 1-7), complete with Bismillah. Here the Bismillah is counted as the first ayah; not counted in the rest

------ (2: 1-5), recite with Bismillah
------ (2: 163)
------ (2: 255-257)
------ (2: 284-286)

aale Imraan------ (3: 18)
al-A`araaf ------ (7: 54-56)
al-Israa(Bani Israel)------ (17: 110-111)
al-Muminoon------ (23: 115-118)
as-Saf------ (37: 1-10), recite with Bismillah
ar-Rehman------ (55: 33-35)
al-Hashr------ (59: 21-24)
al-Jinn------ (72: 1-4)
al-Kafiroon------ (109: 1-6), complete with Bismillah.
al-Ikhlaas------ (112: 1-4), complete with Bismillah.
al-Falaq------ (113: 1-5), complete with Bismillah.
an-Naas------ (114: 1-6), complete with Bismillah.

Keep doing it until the room is free of Jinns.

Reciting the name of Allah, i.e. saying ya Allah over and over again, causes the body to warm up. I have not found any reference to the Sunnah to this, though.
« Reply #6 on: Nov 02, 2008 10:49 AM »


We were told to recite Surah al-Baqarah 7 times whenever we move to a new house. Apparently that works as a shield for undesirable presence.  Alhamdulillah, so far I have not noticed any weird going ons.

I also asked an Ustaz to recite du'ah for "fencing" the house. After he reads the du'ah to a bottle of water I spritz the water around the house starting from the door and ends at the door. This is to prevent evil presence from entering the house.

Hope this helps Smiley

« Reply #7 on: Nov 03, 2008 03:01 PM »


I've never heard of the adhan being used to dispel jinn, but I *have* heard that reciting Surah al-Baqara protects one from the shayateen.  I will try to find an evidence for that and post it up insha'Allah.

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