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Author Topic: Behind the scenes with Obama  (Read 558 times)
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« on: Nov 08, 2008 03:30 PM »

Behind the scenes with Obama

Fri Nov 7, 7:14 pm ET

On election night, as you were watching Barack Obama's electoral count rise, and state after state turn blue, were you wondering what it was like behind the scenes with Obama?

If you were, we've got your answer.

Obama's campaign photographer, David Katz, has uploaded thousands of behind-the-scenes photos onto Flickr, Yahoo!'s photo-sharing site. Among our favorites were these candid shots of the Obama family hanging out on election night, watching history unfold. (To see more of these photos, you can check out the Barack Obama photostream on Flickr.)

Among the most striking things about these election-night photos is how calm both Barack and Michelle Obama look.

But calm doesn't mean inattentive. That's certainly clear in the photo below. Only Obama knows what was on his mind, but you have to wonder if the reality of it all -- the history he was making -- is evident in the shadows of his intense expression.

And if you've ever wondered about Obama's basketball skills, you can scrutinize earlier entries on the Flickr photostream. Here's one showing Obama's form on what we're guessing is a two-pointer.  This was uploaded on Flickr this past April.

Obama has said he plays basketball on Election Day for good luck. It looks like a superstition that just might have some merit.

Here's a selection of other photos from the campaign.


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