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Author Topic: PRINCIPLES OF LIFE  (Read 1123 times)
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* Winning isn't everything.

But wanting to win is.

* You would achieve more,

if you don't mind who gets the credit.

* When everything else is lost,

the future still remains.

* Don't fight too much. Or the enemy would

know your art of war.

* The only job you start at the top

is when you dig a grave.

* If you don't stand for something,

you'll fall for everything.

* If you do little things well,

you'll do big ones better.

* Only thing that comes to you

without effort is old age.

* You won't get a second chance

to make the first impression.

* Never take a problem to your boss

unless you have a solution.

* If you are not failing you're

not taking enough risks.

* Don't try to get rid of

bad temper by losing it.

* If at first you don't succeed,

skydiving is not for you.

* Those who don't make mistakes

usually don't make anything

* There are two kinds of failures.

Those who think and never do,

and those who do and never think.

* Pick battles big enough to matter,

small enough to win.

* All progress has resulted from

unpopular decisions.

* Change your thoughts and

you change your world.

* Understanding proves intelligence,

not the speed of the learning.

* There are two kinds of fools in this world.

Those who give advise and

those who don't take it.

* The best way to kill an idea is

to take it to a meeting.

* Management is doing things right.

Leadership is doing the right things.



Courtesy: Islam

{Invite (mankind, O Muhammad) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam ) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Qur'an) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.} (Holy Quran-16:125)

{And who is better in speech than he who [says: "My Lord is Allah (believes in His Oneness)," and then stands straight (acts upon His Order), and] invites (men) to Allah's ( Islam ic Monotheism), and does righteous deeds, and says: "I am one of the Muslims."} (Holy Quran-41:33)

The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "By Allah, if Allah guides one person by you, it is better for you than the best types of camels." [al-Bukhaaree, Muslim]

The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)  also said, "Whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to the reward of the one who follows him, without the reward of either of them being lessened at all." [Muslim, Ahmad, Aboo Daawood, an-Nasaa'ee, at-Tirmidhee, Ibn Maajah]



The Almighty Allah says,

"When a servant thinks of Me, I am near.
When he invokes Me, I am with him.
If he reflects on Me in secret, I reply in secret,
And if he acknowledges Me in an assembly,
I acknowledge him in a far superior assembly."

- Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as reptd by Abu Huraira
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