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Author Topic: Building of the Ka'ba  (Read 2172 times)
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As salaam alaikum.

I have heard a few times now that the Ka'ba was built by Adam (as) by Allah's (swt) decree and then rebuilt by Ibrahim and Ismail (as) after the flood.

Is there any basis for this in Islam? If so, what is it so that I may look into this matter further.

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Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah.

We have no clear evidence in the sources about this, although there are some reports that indicate that Ka'ba was built by Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, and it had been a site of pilgrimage from ancient times; as such it had been visited by various prophets. These reports, however, do not pass the rigorous standards of scientific verification established by the scholars of hadith. It is certainly possible, however, to infer from the Qur’an that Abraham and his son Ismaeel only rebuilt the ka’ba; and that Abraham was guided to the site; and the hadith reports indicate that it had been in ruins and buried by a heap of sand. We cannot go any farther than this to elaborate the details, for lack of clear evidences in the sources. It is best that leave the matter there, and stop speculating on such matters, leaving them to the knowledge of Allah. Wallaahu a’lam (Allah knows best).

Sh. Ahmad Kutty

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