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Author Topic: Djinn removal?  (Read 1204 times)
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« on: Nov 25, 2008 06:01 AM »

I have a lot of problems ar the moment and I have been told by someone who is a Hajah that she knows someone who has a Djin  with/within  them and that if these problems are the result of witchcraft by others,this person  can remove them, (the Djinn will work through the person)....I am very nervous about this....Please could any member set me right. my feeling is that all power lies with Allah and I have never really had a clear understanding of Djinn.

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peace be upon you

Djinns exist, and it is true that some people use witchcraft to control djinns.

Allah (swt) has given mankind and djinns the freedom to choose between actions.

If anyone says he has control over djinns, he is doing what he isn't allowed, so he must also have used some non-sharia method to gain this control.

However, there are halal and sharia methods, sunnah, to get rid of djinns and shayateen.

See this:

protection from and removal of djinns and shayateen
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