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« on: Dec 04, 2008 03:34 AM »

salaam allaikum I have some questions in regards to financial issues
and my duties as  muslim. I have gotten in over my head and the stress is bothering me.
Being in a rental that is much more and much costlier than I need. If I leave the landlord can sue me
down the road for the balance of the lease and there is little hope in my area of it
renting to another quickly. Not wanting to cheat anyone but with stress levels so high
I thought of leaving, downsizing and regrouping and making it up to people I owe later when things settle down.
Even thought of bankruptcy. What guidance can anyone offer me?
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peace be upon you

There are two things you should do:

1. do a lot of istaghfaar. Be convinced that Allah (swt) is free of all blemish, and your problems are due to your own sins. Then say:

            a. astaghferullah, or
            b. La ilaha illa anta subhanaka, innee kuntu minaz Zwalimeen, or
            c. Rabbeghferlee, or
            d. Rabbeghfer warham wa anta arhamur Rahemeen, or any other
            e. masnoon or Quranic dua for forgiveness and repentence

2. after every fard prayers, say this dua three, five, or seven times. For the dua open the gif file below, and preferably also see the url link below

Financial Problems

In addition, you can also say this dua as many times as you can during the day/night

Inshallah your debts will be paid off, and your financial wants will be catered for. Keep the intention that you want to pay off your debts. DOn't be swayed by shaytaan when you have the menas to start paying back, and shaytaan says, no you can pay later, first fulfill  this desire of yours.
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