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Author Topic: Constitution of the Madina  (Read 11957 times)
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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

Quran Chapter 103

ARTICLE I: Purpose &Vision

Madinatul Muslimeen has been founded and built to be a fun, informative place so Muslims can get to know each other and support each other in becoming better Muslims.



1. You must include your real information and email when you register. (We recommend that you check the hidden option to keep your email from being public.)

2. An Introduction using the 'mandatory template' must be posted with accurate, complete information within 15 days  of approval of registration.

3. Harassment and stalking of any kind will not be tolerated! The use of this forum for such means will not be tolerated under any circumstances. All measures will be taken to enforce this.

4. Any abuse of jannah.org or the Madina website such as multiple usernames, spamming, system hacking or trying to get around these rules will result in immediate deletion.

5. Banned users are banned for life and are not allowed to return to the board.


ARTICLE III: Restrictions

1. Anything insulting any other person(s), groups, organizations, fellow posters or moderators will be removed.

2. No prolonged arguments about any issues that even the scholars of Islam over the centuries have not come to a consensus on! This includes controversial issues (i.e. meat, music, Mawlid, the Taliban, voting, Madhabs, bashing scholars, suicide bombings, OBL, 9/11, Niqab, sunni/shia/sufi/salafi/jamaat/whatever debates).

3. The 'discussion' of pros and cons of war with Iraq or any other country is a banned topic. However one may post news stories from legitimate sources about the subject.

4. This is not a 'let's bash other Muslims or other Muslim groups' board. There is no Takfir of any kind allowed on this board i.e. you are not allowed to call any Muslim a Kafir.

5. This is not a Fiqh discussion board. Prolonged threads arguing over Fatwas and the details of Islamic law will be closed. Avoid asking questions that require a scholar or Shaykh, as there is no one on the board qualified to answer your questions. Please use other knowledgeable means such as a scholar, Imam or knowledgeable person in your area. Avoid hypothetical unpractical questions.

6. Any advice given deemed contradictory to Islamic teachings will be removed from the Madina [regardless of how valid.]

7. All posted websites are subject to content approval. Any links to missionary anti-Islamic sites will be removed. Any inappropriate, graphic or offensive images or text will be removed.

8. Posts under one line and trivial posts by the same user will be deleted unless there is some valid benefit. There is no point to posts that say "I agree" or "That was funny" or "Thanks". Use Madina private messages for those and make some new friends!

9. The number of non-administrative posts for users is limited to 10 per day. This is to save people's time, money, and bandwidth and to make all the posts more beneficial for everyone.

10. Please do not post the same thing to multiple forums, they will be removed.

11. No marriage ads, spam, advertisements, online petitions, web newsletters of organizations, personal requests for money (solicitation) or quick rich schemes unless we get 10% :P

12. Don't put ads for your website here. We will remove these if they appear. If you would like to advertise your site, fill out the appropriate form on the Mamalist Page or add your website to your Madina profile.

13. No cursing. (Also posts in languages not understood will be deleted because who knows what they're saying!)

14. There is no way to enforce strictly brothers-only/sisters-only threads. To maintain a level of Islamic modesty these topics should be posted anonymously or refrained from on public message boards such as this where brothers and sisters interact.

15. Implied or explicit support of terrorists/terrorism is not allowed.

16. Personal Profiles and Avatars may not contain pictures or photos of people.

17. Read the previous threads so as not to bring up a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum.


ARTICLE IV: Posting Guidelines

1. Please follow the general Islamic guidelines of Adab (proper conduct relating to each other and with the opposite gender).

2. Please remember that literally thousands of people are reading your words, including many many non-Muslims (and gov't agencies ;))

3. Use wisdom and kindness when speaking to each other AND to non-Muslims. Remember this verse at all times:

         Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best who have strayed from His Path and who receive guidance (Quran 16:125)

4. SPECIAL NOTE: Basically this constitution is saying that we all agree to curb what we say on this board. Some people may disagree with that and that is fine. They might have issues with it and think they should be able to say whatever they want, whenever they want because they are "enjoining the good and forbidding the evil". That is fine for them, but there are rules on this board to protect every citizen and guest.

These rules are here for a tried and true reason, because we the moderators have seen what happens when those rules are not there. To continue this board in the way we would like and to fulfill its goal everyone must agree to and follow these rules despite the impulses they have.

It is important to understand that this board is not Islam, it is not the last word, it is not the Khilafah, nor is it the free Islamic press. It is just a message board with rules and principles guiding its progress and interaction. Therefore you are not allowed to say whatever you want even if it is, or you believe it to be 'correct' Islamically.

Through this constitution we have all agreed to these rules of posting here for the betterment of all Madina citizens and guests, InshaAllah. If you seriously don't think you can agree with this that is fine InshaAllah. We understand why some people might disagree on principle. If so, this Madina is not for you.


ARTICLE V: Violations

1. Posts in violation of the rules will be either modified or removed. If a post is modified, a note from the Moderator will be added to the original post. If a post is removed, a note will be sent to the user.

2. An Administrator will officially warn users in violation of any of the rules. The third time such a violation occurs, the user will be deleted and banned. The user will be sent an explanation for the ban and this will be posted publicly. [The public posting of this explanation may be edited if the reasons for removal are personal or sensitive in nature.]

3. Any issues dealing with administrative matters are posted and just signed as 'Madina Moderator' or 'Administrator(s)'. If you are wondering why a post was modified or removed, please send a message to username admin using the personal messaging feature on the board.

4. Questions dealing with why something was modified or removed or why a user was removed will not be discussed on the board. These can be addressed offline via email or Madina Message.

5. If you leave the Madina you may request that your user ID be removed from the system, but old messages will remain.

6. We reserve the right to move, edit and delete any post or user. Citizenship in the Madina is a privilege not a right.


Article VI: Anonymous Posting and Chat

1. All of the previous rules apply to the anonymous postings and Madina chat as well.

2. The anonymous posts are moderated by an administrator and posted after careful consideration within a few days.



   1. This constitution is NOT set in stone and is subject to change at any time.


Bi'idhnillah, All with the Permission of Allah. Jazakamullahu Khairan, May Allah reward you and may He bring only Khayr, good from the Madina.

    Current Madina Administrator: Sr. Jannah

    Admin username: admin

First Ratified Ramadan 1423
Last Amended: January 2008

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