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Apr 23, 2014 02:26 PM
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Author Topic: The girl who lost everything - probably:  (Read 1157 times)
« on: Dec 05, 2008 05:40 PM »

peace be upon you

The girl who lost everything - probably:

Why probably, will become clear at the end, I hope.

Well, she won't agree with you at all that she has lost anything worthwhile. She will insist that, on the contrary, she has gained a lot.

In fact, she may not even waste any time on you if you suggest something like that to her.

She won't be ignoring you out of snobbery, for she isn't a snob. She is a very sensible, down to Earth person, with her feet firmly on the ground. She has always been like that - from childhood. The reason for ignoring you would be because she does not want to take part in arguments and bickering. She had enough of those when she made the most important decision of her life, as a teenager.

But if she were giving one of her rare interviews, and you were the interviewer, she will give you a reply, very softly, and she would tell you what she thinks is the truth. She won't lie and she won't refuse an answer, for she is a person of principles, and she does not lie.

She may or may not also point out to you something that I definitely must, to be honest to her. That something is her successful career, and how she had risen very fast in that very competitive, catty profession, where at any one time no more than 25 girls occupy the top slots, to reach the very top in only three years.

If she does mention her success, she will do so with a disarming smile and a matching attitude that she isn't special, just lucky. "There were and are thousands of girls who could be doing what I was doing", she will say. She will also tell you that her success is due to those unsung heroes who work in the background to make girls like her successful. She will name their professions, she may even name the persons who helped her become what she did become - a household name and recognized face in Europe, from the most humble and overworked floor-scrubbing housewives to the elite, including the Royalty.

She would be right of course, for she is sensible and never lies, but it is humility that makes her dismissive of her own talent and hard work that she put in her profession. Without that, she would not have been the unique success that she was. She made it look so easy, so natural, that people forget there is hard work behind it all.


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The girl who lost everything
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