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Author Topic: Jobs that require selling tobacco and alcohol  (Read 1888 times)
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« on: Dec 09, 2008 01:58 AM »

Salaams, I was offered a job at a store and I'd have to ring up sales on tobacco and beer and wine.
I have another job offer but it is a 70 mile round trip daily that would not require such a thing.
Due to business being real bad I applied at different places to work till things get better.
The employer is real nice, the place clean, friendly and safe, and I should of known better than to apply
anywhere that sells such things. I don't think there are any rules as to the tobacco, but we
all know alcohol is forbidden by Islam.
Knowing another sister who works in a store also selling alcohol and such, I called her
to ask what she felt about such things and she mentioned about us no living in an Islamic
country and she being single with a family needs the work and wearing hijab I don't know if she could find other work.
However I do have offer of another job (even though it would require a 70 mile round trip
drive daily during the winter and over small mountain passes.
When I talked to her I felt on judgment day I would be more accountable than her as I have
no kids at home to support and I have another job offer.
As to tobacco, I was there today taking training and the thing they make you watch talks about how
there are more tobacco related deaths in the US more so than auto accidents, drugs and AIDS combined Shocked
I know it is the person using them responsible for their own actions
but wouldn't I also be since I'd be selling them to them. Huh?
I just don't want to be before Allah on Judgment Day and be told,
NO you didn't force the person to smoke, but you know those cigarettes you sold them? Well 10 years later
they died from cancer. Shocked
Such are the delema of living in a non Muslim country.
My heart or hearts feels I should decline this job.
Thoughts? Advice? Even though I really know the answer already. Sad
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 09, 2008 08:25 PM »

I have read that we shouldn't.

"Allah surely knows the warmth of every teardrop... " Jaihoon
« Reply #2 on: Dec 10, 2008 06:40 AM »

peace be upon you

I have often posted a dua for monetary problems and relief from debt. The same dua is for halal rizq.

Allahummak fenee be halaleka un harameka
wa aghnnenee be fadleka
umman sewak

O Allah! become sufficient for me through halal, without any haraam
and make me independent through your Blessings
(of all) except Yourself

3, 5 or 7 times daily after every fard prayers, in your dua.

In addition, say istaghfaar, as much as you can - walking, sitting, standing, lying down. Wuddu is not needed for this dhikr.

The shortest istaghfar is
« Reply #3 on: Dec 10, 2008 02:32 PM »

As salaam alaikum.

Here is what I found for you:

Selling alcohol or any other unlawful thing is a great evil. and so is working in a place that produces alcohol and other such vile products. Allah says:

And help each other in righteousness and piety, and help not one another in sin and transgression and remain fearing Allah. (5:2)

Without a doubt, selling alcohol, drugs or cigarettes comes under the second part of the verse. Allah Almighty says about alcohol:

'O believers! Wine and gambling and idols and divining arrows are only unclean things, a work of devil (Satan) then save yourselves from them, so that you may prosper. The devil (Satan) desires only to put hatred and enmity among you in regard to wine and gambling and to bar you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer, will you then desist? (5:90,91)

In an authentic Hadith, the Messenger of Allah (saws) cursed alcoholic drink, the one who consumes it, one who gives it for others to drink, the one who prepares it, the one who has it prepared, the carrier of it, the one it is carried to, the buyer, the seller, and the one who benefits from its profits.

In another authentic Hadith, the Prophet (saws) said,

"Indeed, upon Allah is a covenant that whoever drinks alcohol, he will give him Tinatul-Khibal to drink."

Someone asked, "O Messenger of Allah, what is Tinatul-Khibal.

He said.

"The (gastric) juices of the inhabitants of the Fire,"

Or he said.

"The sweat of the inhabitants of the Fire." (Muslim 2002)

The ruling upon the kind of person (the one doing this type of work) is that he is a wicked sinner and that his faith is deficient; on the Day of Judgement, he will be under Allah's will; if Allah Almighty wills, He will forgive him; if He Almighty wills, he will punish him if he dies before repenting, this is the view of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama'ah. Allah Almighty says:

Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases (4:48)

This, though, is the ruling for someone who does not deem lawful what he is doing. If he has disbelieved. His body is not to be washed, nor is he to be prayed for. This is the opinion of all the scholars, because he is blatantly rejecting Allah Almighty and His Messenger (saws). The same ruling applies for somebody who deems lawful any act that the scholars agree as unlawful -- homosexuality, usury, fornication, killing somebody wrongfully, not being dutiful to one's parents are all examples.

When somebody perpetrates these wrongs knowing that they are wrong and knowing that he is disobeying Allah Almighty for committing these wrongs, he is not a disbeliever, but he is a wicked person; he is under Allah's will on the Day of Judgement, as we have already mentioned in case of some who drinks alcohol.

Ibn Baz

I pray this is helpful insha'Allah
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« Reply #4 on: Dec 11, 2008 03:05 AM »

I am turning down the job and telling her she doesn't have to even pay me for the
two hours of training. In my heart I know I would be contributing to evil, illness and death.
Not only to those using such items but even to those around them.
Funny how they show trainees a video letting us know that cigarette smoking related deaths total more than
all the AIDS, drug and accident deaths in total. Shocked
Then they expect you to sell such items. Huh?

Brother Timbuktu, I shall recite this dua you are so kind to provide. Thank you.
Sister Kathy, I knew in my heart it wasn't right and tried to justify it by
trying to make myself think, I need the money it is just a job.
Brother Nuh, thank you for taking time to post with those verses.

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« Reply #5 on: Dec 18, 2008 09:39 PM »

If you leave  some thing for the sake of ALLAH? He will grant you better
but dont forget you might face situations you feel you are not being granted any HALAL replacement.this is SHAITAN just trying to whisper so is the bridge you have to pass over to reach to the point
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« Reply #6 on: Dec 18, 2008 09:41 PM »

This reminds me of when a girl when to Imam Siraj Wahaj  to confess that she took off her hijab for the job interview and got the job.

And the Imam told her to remember that its not that man who is giving you the job, it is Allah swt. Its all a test
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« Reply #7 on: Dec 19, 2008 04:14 PM »

I went in and told them I couldn't take the job and I didn't want payment for the couple hours of training
I had already did. So it's a done deal. I'm sure something else where I'm not contributing to others pain
and suffering (smoking and drinking) will come along when the time is right Inshallah
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