// Breaking news: India tests Pak defences, is it preparing for war
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Author Topic: Breaking news: India tests Pak defences, is it preparing for war  (Read 1302 times)
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« on: Dec 13, 2008 07:55 PM »

peace be upon you

As usual, the kuffar say something, and do something else.

The Indian Foreign Minister says India has no intention to attack Pakistan.

Despite Pakistan government's capitulation to US ad Indian designs, due to which it is fighting the very people committed Pakistan's defence, two violations of Pakistan's airspace by Indian fully armed planes took place today - one from Indian occupied Kashmir and the other from Lahore sector. They intruded four kilometers before Pakistan Air Force fighter planes intercepted them and they were forced to flee back.

In the Arabian Sea, explosions have been heard. Some additional naval activity and these explosions in the present context are meaningful. However, no large scale mobilization of the Indian land forces has been observed so far.

India has been unable to contain the terrorism by 35 separatist movements. The Indian local terrorists are  in control in Gujarat. Indian army serving Colonel has been arrested for supplying arms to these Hindu fundamentalist terrorist organizations, but that is being put on the back burner and instead, India is blaming Pakistan so as to divert local opinion from its failures and to put Pakistan under pressure.

The Indian media has not played a sensible part. It has raised the temperature and pressure on the Indian government to be a war hawk.

Airspace violation by armed planes is a very, very serious thing to do. Coupled with the Arabian Sea explosions, India is embarking on the path to war, and that will benefit only war mongers.

As of today, suppliers to NATO have stopped plying their vehicles to Afghanistan.
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Ex-Pak PM Sharif proposes an Indo-Pak no war pact
NDTV Correspondent
Saturday, December 13, 2008, (Islamabad)

In a significant proposal, former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sahrif has suggested that India and Pakistan should sign a 'no first attack, no war pact -- both conventional and nuclear'. That, in his view, was the best for both countries and what they should be focusing on.

In an interview to a news magazine, he also reacted to media reports of Ajmal Amir Qasab, the lone terrorist captured alive in Mumbai, was from Pakistan.

He said if that is true then it was time for Pakistan to take very serious notice of that. "Not just notice, we should take serious action," he added.

Meanwhile, the media in Pakistan has in general appreciated the government action against Jamaat-ud-Dawa. However, some have said that the government needs to do more.

According to the Daily Times, "The government of Pakistan, together with the leaders of the armed forces, have done Pakistan a great service by heeding the voice of the international community."

The News has said that the current action against JuD may not be enough. More needs to be done to remove the hold JuD has established within the society. We need to expose how they have exploited religion to further their own interests.

Another newspaper Dawn News has said, "This time there must be no repeat of those half-hearted measures against militants. If Hafiz Saeed and his men are involved in the Mumbai attacks, they must be prosecuted."
« Reply #2 on: Dec 14, 2008 01:40 PM »

peace be upon you

Yes, the so-called English liberal media, which plies nudity in its youthand  fashion pages, so as to soften the Islamic commitment of the youth, has in general "appreciated" and asked for more, because it cannot stand men with beards and women in hijab, and the dars of Quran and Hadith.

However, even the English media has understood the flimsiness of the accusations, and voices are being raised as to the evidence for taking action against the JuD.

No evidence has come so far. The Jamaat has been involved purely in welfare and Dawah acrivities. As a result of its activities, some Hindus in the Thar desert and other areas of Sind have given up idol worship, and embraced Islam.
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I dont understand why would they propose war?! They know Pakistan didnt do this, They are only claiming a group in pkistan did it without the help  of pak government so what is their reason for wanting to go to war w pak
« Reply #4 on: Dec 15, 2008 04:14 PM »

peace be upon you

No, I do not think India wants to go to war. The aims were twofold:

1. To put pressure on Pakistan to crack down on Muslims who support Muslim causes. The US and the UK have done the same.

The non-Muslims do not like welfare projects to be run by committed Muslims.

2. If the Pak defences are weak, to attack Muridke and the JuD facilities in Azad Kashmir. Maybe even to attack others.

India likes to think it is  a superpower, and wants to copy the US.

India does not want to go to war, unless Pakistan is completely disarmed, and it is making these noises so as to make the world believe that Pakistan as a nuclear state is dangerous.



It may also be to show it is more hawkish than the Sangh Parivar
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