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Author Topic: VA: Purification Of the Soul - Imam Mokhtar & Imam Magid: Jan 30-Feb 1  (Read 3346 times)
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Purification of the Soul

A Commentary on the Pearls of Spirituality in Ibn Ata'illah's Book of Wisdoms

Teachers: Imam Mokhtar Maghraoui and Imam Mohamed Magid

Location: ADAMS Center, 46903 Sugarland Road, Sterling, VA 20164

Date: Friday January 30, 2009 - Sunday Februay 1, 2009

Cost: $50 ($60 at door– includes a copy of the Al Hikam text)

Give yourself a rest from managing!

When Someone Else is doing it for you, don't you start doing it for yourself!

-Ibn 'Ata'illah in Al-Hikam Al-'Ata'iyya

This quote from the Book of Wisdoms, written by the great scholar and Islamic jurist, Ibn Ata'illah al-Iskandari in the 1300's, still resonates deeply with our own paths of spirituality in today's duniyah, centuries after it was written.  This treasury of insight and many other aphorisms of wisdom are embedded deep within the sayings of Ibn Ata'illah in his text, Al Hikam.  It is our responsibility as Muslims seeking greater divine spirituality and understanding in our deen to consciously awaken our hearts and souls and become closer to the Creator by using the keys of knowledge provided by this great scholar in his Book of Wisdoms.

With this in mind, Al-Madina Institute is proud to invite you to join us on a path towards greater spirituality guided by a commentary on the words of Al Hikam by two great Imams of our own time.  "Purification of the Soul" is a program designed for the serious student seeking Islamic interpretation of precious gems of knowledge that will enter both the mind and heart to ultimately help purify the soul.  The commentary provided on the sayings of Ibn Ata'illah is intended to bring greater understanding, clarity, and relevance to the lives of all those who attend, insha'Allah.  By shedding the shackles of worldly existence and allowing the words of the great scholars before us to enter our hearts, we can truly embark on a greater journey towards Islamic spiritual ascent.

Please join us as we travel the road towards an essential "Purification of the Soul" in the ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA from 1/30/09-2/1/09.  Our guides on this journey will be the esteemed scholars, Imam Mokhtar Maghraoui and Shaykh Mohammed Magid.

Imam Mokhtar received his doctorate in Physics from Syracuse University. He received his Islamic education in Algeria before coming to the U.S. He has been an Imam in the state of Florida and is a Central Shura Member of the Islamic Circle of North America.

Imam Magid studied at the hand of his father and other notable scholars, gaining ijaza in several disciplines, including Ghazali's Ihya-Uloom-al-Deen. Imam Magid is the Vice President of ISNA and full time Imam of the ADAMS center. Imam Magid is also well known for his counseling and family counseling expertise.

Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons and embark on a spiritual journey that is bound to open your eyes, heart, mind, and ultimately purify your soul.
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