// "I Defend Muslims"- an interview by ABC Blogs with Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal
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Author Topic: "I Defend Muslims"- an interview by ABC Blogs with Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal  (Read 913 times)
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"I Defend Muslims"- an interview by ABC Blogs with Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is a columnist in English language, writes on International Affairs globally. He has published expensively on current world issues: Freedom & democracy, Secularism, South Asia, Russia, Middle East politics, Muslim issues, Minority, UK politics, African politics, etc. He has focused also on state terrorism and supports the Global Human Rights endeavor to find solutions to nations currently under foreign occupation.  He has a few books to his credit. Dr. Ruff has been criticized by anti-Islamic media for his pro-Muslim stand. His active campaign for Kashmir freedom is slammed by many Indian strategists, among others.


Abdul Ruff has been a university level teacher who has taught in India at Jawaharlal Nehru University , Mysore University and Central Institute of Foreign Languages, etc. He knows several Indian and foreign languages, including English, Russian and Arabic and German, etc.


Dr. Abdul Ruff has widely traveled visiting Russia , Nepal , Bhutan , etc and is the only Indian to have gone through entire India .


Excerpts from his interview to ABC:

1)          You've accused that the Indian Government is not paying you a large sum of money that it owes to you. Would you explain how? And would you stop attacking the government once the Government settles your account?



Dr. Abdul:   Of course, once I get the amount from Indian government I will not talk about the issue. The amount Indian government owes me as a former employee of its ciefl, Hyderabad , India , is my personal issue, although the behavior of the Institute I served and the government to which I appealed for redressal show the Indian callous attitude to Muslims in general, to me in particular. Hindus rule India and Kashmir . Indian Hindus think they can do any thing with Muslims and their belongings, including Mosques because we live in Hindu India and the Hindus decide every thing in the country. Hindus, from my personal experience, think Muslims are their subordinates and we must just do whatever is told to us as their servants. 


I defend Islam and Muslims when the anti-Islamic world and its media malign Islam and torture Muslims. Globally, even media run in Islamic world try to support the anti-Islamic designs. My writings are condemned by many Indians, because they are frauds and criminals in all respects. The issues I raise in my writings are very close to my heart and feelings. I focus on Palestine, Kosovo, Chechnya, Kashmir, Tibet and many other nations struggling for freedom and peaceful existence. I expose callous attitude of India, USA, Israel and other terror nations toward Muslims. I condemned the state actins in India, Kashmir and now in Pakistan. It is not just India that I criticize, as you know, it is the corpus of policies and practices the world wide targeting Islam and Muslims and other vulnerable sections that I expose.


But being an Indian I am ashamed of the fact that my country has colonized its neighbor Jammu Kashmir and antagonized its neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh. I am worried that it has amassed weapons including nuclear ones. Weapons are meant for using against Muslims, in particular, could also be uses against other neighbors too. How can India kill thousands of innocent Kashmiris for demanding sovereignty back from Indian yoke?   


I high light problems of freedom struggle by not only Kashmiris, but many other nations too. I also express solidarity with Palestine, Chechnya, Tibet and many other nations. I strongly condemn neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism by the so-called democracies that are in fat hypocrisies.


Once Indian government pays me my money and fulfills its commitment for VRS and other benefits, I shall be glad that India at along last paid me the dues. If you as a friend ask me personally about my gestures for India, then I would say once my money is paid by India I would also write about Indian politics in general that so far I have avoided, even when at the point of a sort of threat by some global newspapers not to publish me if I don't write made-to-order analyses of Indian political scene which I so gladly do with regard to other countries. I refuse to write on Indian political scene, economic or social themes. I concentrate only on issues ignored by Indians and their media. I mainly focus on Muslim issues in India, but sidelined by Indian core media. So much so, now I have stopped writing for Indian media now. Popularity is not the motto of my writings, but the issues hidden in India and covered by media hypes need exposure and I do exactly that. 


However, the themes of articles vary and they don't depend on the settlement of my dues by Indian government alone. This arrogance, insensitivity and mischief on the part of government, but Kashmir issue is larger issue involving national fraud,  illegal occupation of a neighbor state and constant genocide. Similarly the demolition of grand Babri Mosque in India by Hindu terrorists is linked with Indian criminal policies and has nothing to do with my own issue with Indian government though Indian arrogance is common.


India has to rebuild Babri Mosque at the very site where it stood, vacate Jammu Kashmir, give up hidden agendas, terrorism poy inclusive, and protect the genuine interests of Muslims.


2)        Many of your readers have expressed their concern over your strong opinions. Some even claim that you must be an associate of a terrorist group. Don't you think that your views brainwash young Indian Muslims for resorting to Islamic terrorism or jihad?



Dr. Abdul : Yes, my opinions are not digested by Indian Hindus as they expose Indian hypocrisy and double-speaks, Indian state terrorist techniques. They all know I don't belong to any terrorist group, neither Islamic, nor Christian nor Hindu nor Jewish. I campaign against imperialism and colonialism and arrogance in any form and I support Muslims primarily. I don't buy the arguments about Islamic terrorism etc. I say every religion has terrorist outfits. Many Muslims are playing into the dirty hands of non-Islamic terrorists and their ideologues for cash. I try to prove terrorism is the creation of the West and Israel and USA used it quite successfully in Islamic world and India in Kashmir. Hence they are strategic partners in state terrorism. I want Muslims to comprehend the hidden agenda of the USA-Israel-India and safe guard Islam and support defenseless Muslims globally. I plead them not get into the trap of the anti-Islamic media. Muslims are enough bran-washed by anti-Islamic media and terror techniques of the regimes. 



3)        In an article you write that your colleagues misbehaved with you in Hyderabad . In another you write that the India Army misbehaved with you during a recent train journey to Trivandrum. You've also been accusing the India Government & media for unleashing terror attacks on you. Aren't you suffering from paranoia? Would you illustrate how you've been persecuted for being a Muslim?



Dr. Abdul: I got a faculty position in ciefl, Hyderabad without paying any bribe and I occupied many other positions there as a member of governing bodies such as Executive Council, Board and Society and Academic Council on seniority basis and I did my teaching quite well, they all know. But they wanted see me out. Hence they hatched the criminal ploys to disturb me.



Indian state unleashed all sorts of nasty behaviors including remote terrorist techniques to force me to quit job, but they still refuse to pay me the money. While in job they denied my right to work, and rest. The department would hold the departmental council meetings at 12 pm or thereafter on Fridays with a hidden agenda of stopping me from attending my Friday prayers in a mosque.   I get up at the time when the actual prayer is due to begin; they would threaten me with punitive measures for ignoring "Indian duty". This is just one issue here. If I prepare a list of such nefarious activities the Institute was engaged in with my regular life, which would be endless. Remote terror gadgets were used against me in my apartment. Finally they beat me and handed over to Indian police and the Institute criminals escaped from punishment because the Indian judiciary and police are with them.. .


It was pre-panned attack on me by Indian military forces that used some South Indian military personnel in a running train to terrorize me, or perhaps kill me, but someone intervened and I was safe. The Railway also meticulously planned the action along with military and hence there were no train ticket checking personnel or police in the entire train which was diverted from the usual route on some rail fault. I have written about its global media in detail. (See the answer 1 also) There have been several such crude incidents threatening to my life. In fact I feel I am being surrounded by politico-governmental agencies and their agents.   


In future I shall dwell on many more issues that affected my life and carrier; and not just my life, but the lives of Indian Muslims in general.


4)        What do you think of the growing opinion in the non-Muslim world over that the religion of Islam & Quran encourage intolerance toward non-Muslims. What's your opinion on that?



Dr. Abdul: It all depends on what and how one looks for in Islam and Holy Quran. West is puzzled about growing strength of Islam without any proper world leader to guide them. In countries like India, where anti-Muslims rule and use Muslim leaders for making vote banks ready for the polls, the government takes every thing for granted and Muslims pay a heavy price. . Non-Muslims pay some coins and use the Muslims for activities that are un-Islamic or anti-Islamic. The very fact that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (SAS) has left the future of Islam and Muslims to the Almighty God only shows the strong faith Islam has on God and not on human leaders. Non-Muslims are keen to drive away people form Islam and make them convert them into Christianity and Hinduism.. Hindutva forces are also making strenuous efforts to get people for Hinduism. But now they are fully exposed as terrorists in India . It is anti-Islamic forces and their media that promote anti-Islamism and make people hate Muslims. Hence Muslims are suffering in global falsehood perpetuated by others. However, it is a different story that Muslims have not realized the trap they are in and are busy cheating one another. .


5)        You've been lobbying for a Free Kashmir. Many readers claim that you must be an ISI agent for your Kashmir views. If you're an Indian Muslim, why are you against India's sovereignty interests? Don't you think that Kashmir's strategic position makes it impossible to stand alone as a nation?



Dr. Abdul: I whole-heartedly support Kashmir freedom form an arrogant and fake democracy India . Bulk of my writings these days is focused on Kashmir and I campaign for the freedom for Kashmiris who have been brutally murdered by Indian terror forces now occupying Jammu Kashmir. I understand, Kashmiri Muslims play a number role in Indian Muslim population and only JK has a Muslim chief minister. But I cannot support their killings by Indian forces for subduing and subjugate their genuine interest. India media and their global agents still argue Muslims are well-off in India and such blatant lies are so common world media. India can always choose Muslims in some states to show that secularism still works in Hindu India. Earlier a couple of states like Bihar (Ghafoor) and Maharastra (Antulay) had a chief minister but Congress in alliance with BJP saw to it Muslims don't become CM in any state. By using terrorism and appeasement techniques of BJP, India has cleverly kept all states non-Muslim states. The so-called progressive Kerala mostly has Christian CM, but not a Muslim, though Muslims have equal number of Muslims as that of other religions like Christian and Hindus. There are some pockets Jews here. Keralites never consider a Muslim for the CN chair, even though the political Muslims in the state support Hindu themes and schemes and misuse mosques for garnering votes for their Hindu party leaders. .


Kashmiris' strategic position should not worry India . An independent Kashmir cannot be any threat to India , either, especially there are quite a lot of pro-India elements over there. Kashmir was a free nation before it was tactfully annexed by India which went nuclear, threatening the neighborhoods.


I really do not know if most of the journalists are from intelligence wings like CIA or RAW though many of them do indulge in journalism with their anti-Islamic themes. Some such secret services Hindus think or propagate me as an ISI agent. I don't know why don't they think I am also a post-paid CIA agent? One thing is certain: the secret services guys have infiltrated into the global media including online portals to slam Islam and Muslims and they have done enough of dirty Islmaphobia to terrorize non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Indians suffer from Pakistaniphobia and they also dream of ISI, possibly as per the remote machines instructions. 


I keep receiving letter from anti-Muslim readers, mainly from Hindus, critiquing me for my support for Muslims, Kashmiris and not opposing Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. They even ask me go and live there. Frankly, some of the expressions they use do not conform to any decency but their arguments only strengthen my view that many Hindus need medications in mental hospitals. If your mother kills some kids in the neighborhoods and secretly buries them in your backyard and you know that, but you should obediently support that mother, that is their argument in favor of mother India. Indian palms are in Kashmiri blood.  I say, if you want me to go to USA, Saudi Arabia or any other country, please arrange my documents, I would consider that, but they are silent.as silent as the secret grave-yards discovered recently in Kashmir. Mother India is blood thirsty, a blood drunkard..


India's freedom and safely would ensured by surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmiris.   


Q6.  Some non-Muslim scholars believe that the Koran verses are responsible for creating fanaticism among the Muslims. Don't you think that the Koran needs to be re-interpreted like the holy books of other religions to suit the increasingly multi-cultural world?   


Dr. Abdul: I am not competent and hence I don't interpret Holy Quran and the question of the reinterpretation of Quran does not arise at all.  I am an obedient believer of Islam for whom Holy Quran is the final word from the almighty God through the Prophet of Islam (SAS). Islamic Ulema interprets Quran in the true spirit of Islamic tenets. It is different story that political Muslims every where are busy interpreting Holy Quran only to appease their political bosses and woo the Western and Hindu media, as they want show that they are indeed progressive and tolerant to others insulting Islam and Quran.  West is trying hard to provoke Muslims by raking up issues like veil, films on Prophet of Islam etc. Now they expect Ulema to review the Holy Quran to "update" it with the latest happenings in the world.  This is an unfortunate development. The anti-Islamic forces should now understand by calling Islam a terrorist religion, by invading Islamic world on fictitious pretexts, by terror attacking Muslims and killing innocent Muslims, they cannot destroy Islam. Perhaps the Islamic nations, including Arabs, who prefer traded cash and petro-dollars to Islamic tenets, would dilute Islamic teachings and even support the US-led terror wars, but we firmly believe Islam would stay on till the end of the universe and it would grow form strength to strength, in spite of weak Muslims and mischievous Islamic nations.     


Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.
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