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Author Topic: When you sell your own daughter  (Read 986 times)
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« on: Dec 29, 2008 05:22 AM »

Since some people had objected to posting articles that didn't have much to do with Muslims directly, as in the world slavery article, or the lesbian's gang rape, I found an article that cannot be held up to those objections. This child slavery article is about a Muslim Egyptian girl, sold by her poor family to a wealthy Egyptian couple in the United States.

Some are always blaming everything negative about us on the non-Muslims. I am sure some will find to deflect blame for this one too. However, below is the link to the heartbreak story of a child. But since it has to be relevant to us, let me point out that this child is Muslim. Or perhaps, rather was. Becuase her family refused to comfort her and show her love and support, she no longer speaks Arabic, according to the article she "refuses" to speak Arabic, and also according to the article has a boyfriend and an education.

I am glad she's no longer slaving away. I am glad the couple were caught.
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29, 2008 01:23 PM »

peace be upon you

I do not know what to say.

Poverty, lack of education, a class structure, a tendency to look down on others - all which is against Islam, has invaded our ummah.

Why should a poor bricklayer sell his daughter? Bricklayers are always under debt. The kiln owners give them loans to start their lives, for illness, for food, for marriage, etc. The family is illiterate. The loans are at exorbitant rates, and the debtor's thumb is impressed on a document that shows a loan many times higher than the actual.

The family is always in debt. This, in Pakistan, is called "indentured labor".

The men are beaten, women are at the mercy of the manager and the owner. Both men and women are held prisoners in private jails.

In the rural areas the wadera, or the feudal landlord, allows workers to live and work on his land. They get rations and clothing for this labor. No money. No education, although there is a real case where the servant boy was educated with his master. They were at the same Department as mine in the UK. But I will tell that story later.

Again, the mazaraa and his family are at the mercy of the feudal lord. Often the land is associated with a hereditary peership, which gives it a certain religious sanction among those who follow peers.

The wadera has private jails, much larger than the kiln-owner.

In Egypt, and perhaps the rest of the Arab world, these are called Fallaheen, I think. Nasser did a good thing by breaking up the feudal lands in Egypt.

But new feudal minds have come up with new schemes. The Banks, and the hire-purchase industry, has the common man by the throat.

As for Shyima, it is a pity, a real pity, but it is common, too. As for the family that used her labor, they were doing her a favor, in their opinion. If you think of it, they were, for life in a bricklayer's family is neither easy, nor with honor.

I jotted down some ideas on why some of us are turning away from Islam. This article shows one of the reasons.

But it isn't only Shyima who has a boyfriend. There are many more. Many from respectable Muslim families where they have received love and a good education including Islamic education. They know it is forbidden, and unless they repent, they will go to Hell.

Yet they go for it.

And some become apostate.

For the bricklayer,  life may indeed have become difficult enough for him to sell his daughter. In the Bengal famine of the nineteen thirties/forties, parents sold their children for a handful of rice, not even a full bowl. Has life become so difficult for our Middle Class Muslims in the US that they cannot adopt a Muslim child?

Fact is, Muslims have lost sight of their obligations, and are spending their energies in more and more worldly pursuits.

Tell you Imam to emphasize in his khutba that all Muslim families that can afford it, should adopt at least one Muslim child. I understand there are many Muslim children up for adoption.

Tell him too to emphasize the responsibilities towards other human beings, particularly those who serve us.

But there is apostacy even in the well-to-do classes. And Muslims must address that question, too.
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This happens when people don't practice birth cotrol and the worth of girls is cosidered to be nothing (I note they're not selling off sons).

This also happens when people who happen to have money completely lack compassion and believe they made all the money and status they have, forgetting that but for the grace of God the roles could so easily be reversed.


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peace be upon you

boys are troublesome. They manage to make external contacts. Girls are better at housework. Their only drawback is a possible sexual liasion with the man or boys of ghe house. Hence they receive extra harsh treatment from the lady of the house.

Waris Dirie was a niece of the Somali ambassador to the UK. Her uncle and aunt brought her to the UK to work as a maid.

All this is because Islam has left our hearts.
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