// Sins and the Veiling of the Hearts
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Author Topic: Sins and the Veiling of the Hearts  (Read 2147 times)
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I heart the Madina

« on: Jan 06, 2009 11:35 AM »

Sins and the Veiling of the Hearts

The day we are born, we are born to die and take the journey back home to Heaven where we originated from. This journey will not be a happy or safe one if our hearts are not cleansed and taken care of.

Our greatest prized possession is our heart; not our house, spouse, family, car, bank account or any material possession. If we lose our heart we have lost everything. Our heart is our inner sight. God says he/she who was blind in this life, will be blind in the Hereafter and worse. This is not a physical blindness and it is not the eyesight that is blind, but the sight in the inner chests. We blind our hearts with sins and disobedience of God. This dirt on the heart veils its ability to gain knowledge and happiness.

Every time we disobey God with a sin, a spot appears on the heart. This spot, while not a physical entity obscures and veils the heart. The spot multiplies like a cancer, grows and engenders the commission of more and more sins, until the weight of a sin becomes so light on us and easy for us to commit.

Finally the heart is completely covered and obscured and we are deprived from light and its happiness. The Messenger of God, peace be upon Him, said when the heart is obscured it is called Ra’an, a final state of the inner being when it is totally obscured from its task and the reason for its being.

Sins are categorized as major sins, minor sins and finer minor sins. These ‘minor sins’ are only minor in relation to major sins. When we commit a sin we should look at Whom we have disobeyed, our Maker, our Provider who has given us all these bounties and good. After that, how can we believe it is ‘minor’?  How can we respond to the blessings and bounties of God by disobeying Him even in minor sins? It is as if we spit on our greatest, most generous, magnanimous friend in the world.

Minor sins can also become major sins. Al-Israr is when we insist on committing and continue constantly in the commission of a minor sin. This sin becomes major if it is constant. Al-Istisghaar is to belittle a minor sin. When we commit a minor sin and we look at it as minor and belittle it in our heart it becomes a major one. When we remember having committed a sin and we feel some joy or pleasure having committed it, it becomes a major sin.

Sins can also be divided into those in relation to the rights of God and those in relation to the creatures of God. Transgressions against the rights of God are like denying God, lying, sex outside marriage, not performing prayers properly, or not on time or not at all, not fasting or establishing charity, forgetting God and spending our days and life without remembrance or showing off --wanting to be seen doing things for God, not for the love of God, but for something else.

Violations of the rights of the creatures of God include things like backbiting, violent envy, killing someone unjustly, theft, oppression and injustice to others -- of all types, ridiculing others, creating animosity in the hearts of people against others, usurping the properties of others, hurting someone emotionally, and so on.

The violation of the right of the servant of God is worse than the right of God because when we violate the right of the creature, we are committing two violations; first, disobeying God and secondly we have caused damage to someone else.

The universe is a trust in our hands. Our bodies and our relationship with others are entrusted to us by God. Transgressions against the right of God may be forgiven by God, even without repentance, but the rights of the servants will not be forgiven by God, unless the person against whom the transgression was committed pardons us and forgives us.

Whenever we commit a sin, wherever we are in public or in the most private of moments, it is being recorded and we will see it in a sense replayed in front of us, exactly what we did and where. God created and appointed many systems to record.

The first is God and He suffices. God sees us wherever we are in commission of minor or major, in privacy or open. Another witness is the Angels and there are some never away from us assigned by God to record everything we do.

If that is not enough, every cell of ours records information just like one cell of ours at the DNA level contains all the information about everything about us. The Quran says our hearing, our eyesight, and our skins will testify against us. Our senses will record everything. Another witness will be the earth and space-time which records the imprint of everything we do. Just like signals and energy from space that we try to understand, this may be transformed into pictures and sound and on that Day we will see our actions before us. And lastly, other humans will be witnesses for, or against us.

God is the swiftest of all those that computes and we will see even an atom’s weight of our actions. There is nowhere we can run away from God. There is no refuge away from Him, except to Him.

Every sin veils the heart. Our lives will be lives of obscure amusement in ignorance and we may continue to think we are doing fine if we do not begin the process of purification of the soul –cleansing from these sins. For a seeker of God, the worst, most painful thing that happens is that he or she is veiled from God and kept away from Him. They will never experience the delight and pleasure of longing and knowledge of God. This is misery in this life and in Hereafter.

From: a tiny summary of a tiny part of a 10 day purification of the soul retreat with sh. mokhtar maghraoui
all mistakes are mine. ws -- J.
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peace be upon you

Every sin veils the heart

Who knows it better than I.

And yet Allah is oft-forgiving, most Merciful
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« Reply #2 on: Jan 08, 2009 01:08 PM »

Asalaamu Alaikum  bro

The day we are born, we are born to die and take the journey back home to Heaven where we originated from

For those of you fimiliar with the books of Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din (Martin Lings), he often compares this journey to a circle and a radius leading to the centre.

Each one of us is somewhere in or around the circle and each one of us has to find his own particular radius to get back to the centre.

What's interesting, however, is the fact that this journeying to the centre is only a lateral or sideways movement and that ultimately an upward ascent is also required. When considered in the light of Isra and Mi'raj when our Prophet saw first had to go to Jerusalem (lateral) before going through the heavens (ascent) it all becomes very interesting.

Anyway jazakhallah khair for the post, a beneficial reminder for all.

Say: "O ye my servants who believe! Fear your Lord, good is (the reward) for those who do good in this world. Spacious is God's earth! those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure!" [39:10]
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