// Why Are We Being Tested in Gaza?
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Author Topic: Why Are We Being Tested in Gaza?  (Read 1631 times)
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

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Why Are We Being Tested in Gaza?

Sh. Hassan

All praise is due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad.

My beloved brothers and sisters: Why the tests, why the tribulations, why does Allah allow the people in Palestine to be slaughtered, old men, women, blood spilled.  Where is Allah?  This is a question repeated by many after the terrible slaughter in Gaza, this flurry of doubts, this wind of hopelessness and desperation.

Today I want to put out this fire.  Although we have seen with our own eyes, the loss of the enemy, and against all odds, militarily, physically, the media, the enemy were defeated, and the Muslims were given victory, despite this, there are doubts in peoples’ minds.

Let me tell you from the beginning: Nothing happens in Allah’s creation except for a reason and a wisdom, this is the foundation from which I will answer these doubts and question.
Allah wrote these events in the heavens 50,000 years before its creation.  Allah says:

Inna kulla shayin khalaqnahu bi qadar.  “Indeed, We have created everything with Destiny.”   Faith in destiny is a requirement of Imaan, it is an essential part of Eeman, without with one is not Muslim.

In the famous narration known as Hadith Jibreel:  Jabreel said: “Inform me about Eeman”:  The Prophet, pbuh, replied, “To believe in qadr (destiny), its good and bad.”

What happened in Gaza, no one died, no one was slaughtered, no house destroyed, no masjiid demolished, no field destroyed except by the permission of the King.

The Prophet said:  Allah has written the qadar of all creation before creating the heavens and earth by 50,000 years.  This time, is the time of his knowledge.  The first creation of Allah was the Pen.  So the understanding of this hadith, is that this isn’t a measured amount of time as we understand it, no, it means His Knowledge.

In another Hadith, the Prophet, pbuh, stated:  “Everything is by destiny, even the intelligence of your child.”  (Subhanallah, this has only recently been discovered through the science of genetics.)

And in the Sahehayn:  Allah has appointed in the womb an angel, who oversees the creation, male or female, happy or sad, according to Allah’s destiny.

We must have yaqeen in this belief, and not have any doubts.  Don’t think anything happens except by the permission of the King.

No woman bears a child, or delivers, or no one becomes old except by the King’s permission.

The enemy were defeated, and I know what I am saying, the enemy were defeated, despite the blood, the killing, and they couldn’t achieve a single goal, that they would return that single prisoner, they claimed they would search every house, I don’t see anything except the victory of Allah.

Allah does not give victory to the weak, until their hearts are attached to Allah, and when the hearts gave up on the West, and they asked from Allah, then after 3 weeks, the enemy left humiliated, and they ended their battle, and they couldn’t even get an agreement from their opponents.

And they exposed their evil to the whole world, that they don’t want peace, ever, unless it fits into their master plan.

“Wadda katheeran min aladheena kafaroo law yarudukum.”  “Many of the disbelievers desire to turn you apostates after you have believed.”

It is the help of Allah, the destiny of Allah, no country is ruled, or no country is destroyed, and no leader humiliated by a shoe, no ruler is taken away, except by the decree of the King of Kings.

We must have this belief in our hearts.  Nothing concerns me except that the Eeman of the Ummah is renewed, and it has gone back to Allah, to have complete faith of Allah, and to know that the West or East will not give you victory, only Allah. “If Allah humiliates you, then who can give you victory after it?”

I am amazed by those who claim hikmah, they punish their kids, and say it is from wisdom, you attribute wisdom to yourselves, but deny it for Allah.

“Allah gives wisdom to whom he chooses, and whoever has been given wisdom has been give much goodness.”

Do I claim I am wise in all my actions, but deny that Allah has wisdom!?!

So know for sure, nothing happens by the command of Allah except for a wisdom, for if all people lose wisdom, it will never be lost from Allah.

So what is the wisdom of slaughter, and blood, and destruction?  Listen, and know for sure of Allah’s Wisdom in actions, names, and attributes, this is from true Imaan:

Why did Allah make gold haram for men?  I don’t know.  Why is Zuhr 4 rakats, and Maghrib 3?  I don’t know..  Why did Allah make Ramadan 30 days.  Why Hajj in this manner?  It is not wrong to say that it is a means to realize Taqwah of Allah.

So it is mercy from Allah, to prepare them to be standing in front of Allah, do you think you will stand in front of a king or president, and you wouldn’t prepare yourself.  That is for a man, so what about Allah?  These acts are a means of preparing you for standing in front of Him, to enter His Paradise.  This bitterness, and these difficulties, are not for everyone, they are only for those who are to be brought Close.

Righteous people don’t bring just anyone close to them.  Didn’t Allah say to Musa, after mentioning all the trials he went through as a child, “This, in order for you to be brought up Under my Eye.”

Listen to this answer: In comfort, you don’t know your self, your Imaan, your true state.  If a difficulty comes, like gold is placed in the fire, to remove the impurities, so likewise tribulations come to the righteous, to show them the Munafiqeen (hypocrites), and purify them, and remove the evils in their nafs, so they can be deserving to carry the flag of Allah, and to follow the path of Muhammad, and enter Jannah with him.

“Alif Lam Meem, Do people think that they will be left to say “We believe.” And they won’t be tested?”

We are believers…an easy claim.  Did you fulfill the conditions of true faith?  Yes, I believe in Allah and His messenger…  It is not that easy:  If an attractive business transaction is offered to you, and it is haram, would you turn it down out of fear of Allah?

What is the reality of your emaan?  Have you established the salat on their times, did you leave haram, did you control your tongue, did you fear Allah with your wife, family, and neighbors, and coworkers?

Emaan is belief, speech, and actions.  If emaan was just a claim, it would have been easy for anyone to claim Faith.  But what a difference between true believers and those who claim true faith.

So the fire comes, to separate the lines, and purify the gold.  “Do people think they will be left alone and not be tested.”

Another doubt:  “Didn’t you say that nothing happens in the world except by His Permission?”
Why then does Allah need to see who is the Munafiqeen, and the true believers, and the disbelievers?

The answer is easy:  Allah knows whatever you will do until the Day of Judgment, but Allah desired not to punish people for what He knows of what they would do, but to let them perform actions that will be proof against them.  Allah desires not to punish them unless there is evidence from their own actions.  Would you believe, there are liars who even lie against Allah on the Day of Judgement! 

Someone will deny his actions in front of Allah!  So Allah will cover his mouth, and his body will speak.  “Al yawma nakhtimu ‘alla afwahihim wa tukalimu aydeehim…”
Their body parts will speak and bear witness against them, and they will say: Allah has made us speak, as He has made all other things to speak.

So the man will not find anything to say, except curse his body parts, and say: “Woe to you, I was trying to defend you from the Fire!”
Oh Allah, don’t expose us.  In the Saheehayn “A man will come close to Allah, until Allah puts His Shading Closness around him, which is the covering of mercy, and Allah will say:  “My Servant, you did this and that.  And he will say, I did do that, my Lord.  Allah will say: “I covered your faults in the world, and today I forgive you for them.”  A beautiful state of being close to Allah!

People are valuable , the best of them in Jahilliyya are the best in Islam, if they learn the Fiqh.

So a believer, if he is exposed to fitnah, the first thing he says:  “To Allah we belong, and to Him we return.”  Then he has patience, for every hardship is from our wrongs, and don’t go away except by repentance.
“We will test you with something of  fear, hunger, loss of wealth and life, and fruits, so give good news to the patient!“
Everything is under the eye of Allah, for a wisdom.  If a person disciplines his child in a certain way, or a person farms his land, he says:  This is my land, this my child, I am doing what is best for it.”
So you belong to Allah.  Allah is not asked about his actions, but they are asked about what they used to do.

The world is the property of Allah, and if Allah punished the whole world, in the heavens and the earth, He would not be wrong.

I am emphasizing the importance of correct Aqeedah.  Because if the conflict of the moment is over, people will forget, and go back to what they were on before.  But the struggle will not be over until the coming of the Hour.
So we must always be prepared until we meet Allah.

If the test comes, who have to be firm.  “From the people, are those who worship Allah on an edge.  If good comes to them, they believe, but if there comes hardship, they turn back on their heels.”

No matter how long we stay in this dunya, it is short.  The dawn of morning will soon be followed by entering the graves.
The cowards and the brave and high aspired, all must die, and they will all die, and the reasons for death is many, but the end is one.  Live as you like, you must die.

If the child of Adam dies, all actions will be cut off from him, except the dua of a righteous child, knowledge that he spread, or a continuing charity.

The second wisdom is the showing to us of the Munafiqeen, those who hide amongst us, we see them on TV, as if they is hollow wood, the enemy within.  So they come out to fill the hearts with sadness, and desperation, and they say “Allah and His Messenger have not promised us except loss.”

The believer responds with true faith: “It does not increase them except in Faith.”

In another verse, “Do people think they will enter Jannah, and the like of what affected those before them did not reach them?  They were afflicted with hardships and difficulties, until the Prophet said, “When will come the help of Allah?!  Indeed, the help of Allah in near.”

“And don’t be weak, and sad, and you are the highest, if you are believers.”

“If a wound affects you, then the people have been hurt like it, and these are the days we alternate between people.  And in order for Allah to know the true believers.”

And Allah mentions, another reason for these tribulations is:  “and to take from you Shuhadaah.”  Why are these children being killed?  A doubt that comes to the minds of many.  Know that those children, are chosen by Allah.

Not every person deserves this special honor.  Not every person who desires shahadah is chosen for it.  Do you think it is cheap?

The Prophet said, “The shaheed with Allah has six special qualities:  (from them) he is forgiven from the first drop of blood.”
In Muslim, “Allah forgives the shaheed for everything, except the debt.”
Whoever takes the wealth of a person intending to return it, Allah will make it easy for him to return it.

Also, he is protected from the punishement of the grave.  And he is in safety the Day of Judgment.  And he chooses from the hur alayn.  And he is given intercession for his family.”

“And to test those who believe” will they be firm, and serve the deen of Allah, or will they betray it? 
“And wipe out the disbelievers.” 

Allah says: “That, and if Allah desires, they will be wiped out.”

Do you forget what happened to Sharon?  It was because of dua’, prayer.  We forget the power of the King, His power is vast, all He says, is “Be, and it is.”

We must have confidence in Allah, the King.  We ask Allah to fill our hearts with Imaan, and trust and confidence in Him.

There are Sunnahs of Allah in the Creation that don’t change.  The Sunnah of tribulation:  “If Allah didn’t check one set of people by another, the houses of worship, mosques, and churches would be destroyed.”

And it is the obligation of the people of knowledge to put out these doubts, because we live in the age of information.  And a single website might spread a lie, and it spreads throughout the earth, on mobile phones, emails, and so on.

I give you good news:  That falsehood, no matter how much it inflates and as if it were about to conquer, is perishing.  And truth, no matter how much it becomes small and weak, it is soon to conquer and triumph.
“And truth has come, and falsehood is perished.”
“And Allah throws truth against falsehood and smashes it.”

Know that no international organization will help us; we must seek the help of Allah alone.  For every engineer, policemen, doctor, worker, out there, do the best you can.  Be the best.  This Ummah will not be successful unless we all contribute to make the Ummah stronger.

I don’t want our children to leave the Universities, studying Chemistry, and Physics, and sciences, to become all become preachers on the pulpit.  No, the Prophet, pbuh, commanded each Sahabah to do what was befitting to his strengths and character.

And we must be creative, invent, and our words will never be given any worth, unless we become independent, and eat from our own earnings, as an Ummah.

Oh Allah, have mercy on the people of Gaza, and heal their injured, and grant them security.

This and what is correct is from Allah, and what is wrong from my nafs.

I seek refuge in Allah from being a bridge others cross over into Paradise, which is then thrown into the Fire.
And I seek refuge in Allah from reminding you of Him, and I myself forgetting Him.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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