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Author Topic: Obama: U.S. not your enemy  (Read 1055 times)
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« on: Jan 27, 2009 08:02 AM »

President Barack Obama presented a humble and conciliatory face of America to the Islamic world Monday in the first formal interview since he assumed office, stressing his own Muslim ties and hopes for a Palestinian state, and avoiding a belligerent tone — even when asked if America could "live with" an Iranian nuclear weapon.

The interview with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya Network was a dramatic piece of public diplomacy aimed at capitalizing on the new American president's international popularity, though it balanced America's traditional commitment to Israel, whose security Obama called "paramount.'

"I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries," Obama said, according to a White House transcript. "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy."

The Al Arabiya interview, directed squarely at Muslims around the world, revived a vision of personal, symbolic international change that was in the air when Obama - with his far-flung family members, and complicated story - launched his campaign. It was a vision, and an aspect of his story, that the candidate buried when, in 2007, was forced to combat whispering campaigns about his own faith.

But by giving his first interview to the Arabic network, Obama signaled his continuing belief in his personal power as a symbol of America against the temptations of Islamic militancy. He even dismissed "bankrupt" ideas and policies that don't improve children's health care, jabbing at "nervous" Al Qaeda leaders in language that echoed his campaign against George W. Bush.

The occasion for this interview was the departure of Obama's special envoy, George Mitchell, to the Middle East, and a more aggressive and optimistic approach to that conflict than some argued that the circumstances dictated. The president offered no timeline for peace, but a firm view that a Palestinian state remains within reach.

"What I told him is start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating — in the past on some of these issues — and we don't always know all the factors that are involved," Obama said. "What we want to do is to listen, set aside some of the preconceptions that have existed and have built up over the last several years. And I think if we do that, then there's a possibility at least of achieving some breakthroughs."

Obama's interview was marked by attempts to sympathize with the concerns of ordinary Muslims, particularly on the question of living conditions in the West Bank. But he sought a conciliatory tone throughout the interview, at one point avoiding even restating American policy, and his own platform, than an Iranian nuclear weapon is plainly unacceptable.

"Will the United States ever live with a nuclear Iran? And if not, how far are you going in the direction of preventing it?" asked the interviewer, Al Arabiya Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melhem.

Obama responded only generally, expressing disapproval of an Iranian bomb but not the flat condemnation that is standard from American officials.

"You know, I said during the campaign that it is very important for us to make sure that we are using all the tools of U.S. power, including diplomacy, in our relationship with Iran," he said. "Now, the Iranian people are a great people, and Persian civilization is a great civilization. Iran has acted in ways that's not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region: their threats against Israel; their pursuit of a nuclear weapon which could potentially set off an arms race in the region that would make everybody less safe; their support of terrorist organizations in the past -- none of these things have been helpful."

During the campaign and transition periods, Obama's condemnations of an Iranian nuclear weapon were more direct: "[T]heir development of nuclear weapons would be unacceptable," Obama said on Meet the Press on December 7.

A senior Obama aide said Monday night that Obama had not changed his views on Iran.

Obama also signaled a move away from President Bush's confrontational, generalizing language. Melhem noted to Obama that "President Bush framed the war on terror conceptually in a way that was very broad, 'war on terror,' and used sometimes certain terminology that the many people -- Islamic fascism. You've always framed it in a different way, specifically against one group called al Qaeda and their collaborators."

"I think that you're making a very important point. And that is that the language we use matters," Obama replied. "[W]hat we need to understand is, is that there are extremist organizations -- whether Muslim or any other faith in the past -- that will use faith as a justification for violence. We cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faith's name.

"And so you will I think see our administration be very clear in distinguishing between organizations like al Qaeda -- that espouse violence, espouse terror and act on it -- and people who may disagree with my administration and certain actions, or may have a particular viewpoint in terms of how their countries should develop," he said. "We can have legitimate disagreements but still be respectful. I cannot respect terrorist organizations that would kill innocent civilians and we will hunt them down."

Obama's shift Monday was one of tone, not of policy, and he also affirmed America's support for Israel.

"Israel is a strong ally of the United States. They will not stop being a strong ally of the United States. And I will continue to believe that Israel's security is paramount," he said. "But I also believe that there are Israelis who recognize that it is important to achieve peace. They will be willing to make sacrifices if the time is appropriate and if there is serious partnership on the other side."

Obama's interview plan was made public only Monday afternoon, and the interview, which concluded just after 6:00 p.m., was distributed to reporters in the evening and embargoed for release at 11:00 p.m.

Asked why Al Arabiya had been granted the president's first interview, and aide said: "We want to communicate directly to the entire world America's new foreign policy."

Jonathan Martin contributed to this story.
« Reply #1 on: Jan 27, 2009 05:30 PM »

peace be upon you

No question about that. Why should Americans be our enemy?

It is the US government, which is the enemy. Otherwise how can one explain the continued drone attacks that kill innocents, including women and children. And the continued shipment of deadly arsenal to Israel.

It is Obama's advisors one has to look at. Just as when we saw the neo-cons in important positions in the Bush administration, the result was a foregone conclusion, we see something similar in Obama's team:

three main types of Real Politik power players, who all report to the NWO:

* Militant Zionists (both Jew and Gentile), whom we mark below;

* Members of powerful "Think Tanks" (notably, the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Conference, and the more recently founded Center for American Progress); and

* Former Bill Clinton Administration key officers (notably, in the Economic and Financial areas, because these Obama government officers are the same people - the veritable architects - of the irresponsible financial deregulation of the 90's under the Clinton Administrations that led to the present systemic global financial collapse in the first place).

Axelrod, David - Senior Adviser to President Obama - Political Consultant - journalist for The Chicago Tribune - Militant Zionist

Barnes, Melody - White Hourse Internal Policy Council - Center for American Progress

Biden, Joseph Vice-President - Senator (D-Del. from 1979 to 2008) - Member of the Senate Judiciary Commission - Former chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Biden is a Militant Zionist, who told Rabbi Mark S Golun in a TV program on the Israeli Shalom TV network,“I'm a Zionist. You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist"

Browner, Carol - Energy and Climate Affairs Coordinator; Former director of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bill Clinton Administration.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew - Senior Foreign Policy Advisor - Co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission - Director, CFR and the Trilateral Commission

Clinton, Hillary Rodham - Secretary of State - Wife of former president Bill Clinton - Former Senator (D- NY)- Militant Zionist - Directly linked to the CFR, Trilateral and Conferencia Bilderberg through her husband

Craig, Gregory B - Advisor - Former Policy Planning Director at the State Department during the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton's personal lawyer

Daschl, Thomas Andrew - Secretary of Health and Social Services - Former Senator (D-SD) and Majority Leaders . Former director at CitiCorp; Assisted Robert Rubin, (Advisor on Economic Affairs and former Treasury Secretary during the Bill Clinton Administration) - Zionist - Member, CFR and Bilderberg Conference

Emanuel, Rahm - Chief of Staff - Representative (D-Ill) since 2002 - Militant Zionist; Double-nationality: US and Israeli; Volunteer in the defense of Israel during the First Gulf War (1991 - led by former president George HW Bush against Iraq); Suspected of being an intelligence officer for the Israeli Armed Forces; Director at Freddie Mac; Adviser during the Clinton Administration; linked to Wasserstein Perella bank (Trilateral members); his father Benjamin Emanuel was a guerrilla fighter in the terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi organization (then led by terrorist Menahem Beguin, later to become Israeli prime minister)

Froman, Michael BG - Adviser - Operates for Robert Rubin; "helped" Obama choose members of his team; Member, CFR

Furman, Jason - Advisor; Senior Adviser to Lawrence Summers (Clinton)- London School of Economics

Gates, Robert M - Secretary of Defense - Republican - Gates was named at the DoD by former president George W Bush in 2006 to replace Donald Rumsfeld, and yet was "confirmed by Obama" - Former director of the CIA under former president George H W Bush (Senior) - Co-chaired foreign policy CFR task force with Zbigniew Brzezinski - Involved in the Iran-Contras Affair under the Reagan-Bush Administration - CFR, Bilderberg

Geithner Timothy F - Secretary of the Treasury - President since 2003 of the Federal Reserva Bank of New York. Prominent architect of the 2008 Banking Bail-out Plans, together with Bernard Bernanke (FED Governor - CFR), Henry Paulson (former Treasury Secretary – CFR) - Also held office during the Bill Clinton Administration, and was involved in the bail-outs of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Thailand in the nineties, under then Under-Secretary of the Treausury Lawrence Summers - Introduced to Obama by Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers - Former Director of Policy Development and Review Dept at the IMF – International Monetary Fund, from 2001 to 2003 - Former director at Kissinger Associates - Member of the Group of Thirty, his mentors include Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin. Member, CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg

Holder, Eric - Attorney General - Holder arranged for Bill Clinton to pardon racketeer Marc Rich when he was Janet Reno's Deputy Attorney General (Clinton)

Jones, James LA - Four-Star US Army Officer - National Security Officer (NSA) - Former NATO Forces Commander - Special Envoy to the Middle East for Security Affairs for former president George W Bush - Director at Chevron and Boeing - Zionist - Member of the Institute for International Affairs (founded by Air Force General Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor under George Bush Senior) together with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bobby Ray Inman (former CIA Director), Henry Kissinger and John Deutch (CIA director under Bill Clinton) - Member, CFR, TC, Bilderberg

Lippert Mark W - National Security Council Chief of Staff - Zionist - CFR

Mitchell, George - Special Envoy to the Middle East - Former officer during the Clinton Administration - Member, CFR

Napolitano, Janet - Secretary of Homeland Security - Former Attorney General for the State of Arizona - Member, CFR, TC

Orszag, Peter R - Director of the Office of Management and Budget - Member of Lawrence Summers' team – Clinton economic advisor.

Panetta, Leon - CIA Director - Former Chief of Staff in the Clinton Administration.

Pfeiffer, Daniel - Deputy Commerce Director - Spokesman for Al Gore (Clinton) - His wife, Sarah Feinberg, is a Senior Assistant to Rahm Emanuel. Zionist

Podesta, John - Senior Adviser to Obama - Presidential adviser under the Clinton Administration - In 2003, he founded the Center for American Progress - Zionist

Power, Samantha - Public Policy Advisor - Wife of Cass Sunstein (director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs)

Reed, Jack - Senator (D-RI) (CFR)

Rice, Susan -Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to the United Nations (under Obama ranks as cabinet level post) - Member of the National Security Council during the Bill Clinton Administration - Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Clinton Administration - Member, CFR, Brookings Institution; and Aspen Strategy Group, together with CFR and Trilateral members Richard Armitage, Gral. Brent Scowcroft and Madeleine Albright.

Richardson, Bill - Secretary of Commerce (finally not confirmed) - Clintonite - Former officer at Kissinger Associates, CFR

Rubin, Robert - Senior Presidential Advisor - Director at CitiGroup, Former CEO, Goldman Sachs, Founder of the Hamilton Project, former Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton Administration - Zionist - CFR

Shinseki, Erick - Four-Star US Army General - Secretary for War Veterans' Affairs - CFR

Summers, Lawrence - Chairman, National Economic Council - Former Secretary of the Treasury during the Bill Clinton Administration (1999-2001) - Zionist - Former Economist-in-Chief at the World Bank - Former Dean of Harvard University - Member of Robert Rubin's team - Member, CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg, Brookings (director).

Sunstein, Cass - Director, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs - Husband of Samantha Power (Advisor on Public Policies)

Sutphen, Mona - Deputy Chief of Staff - Executive Director, Stonebridge International - Member of the National Security Council (Clinton) - Member, CFR

Volcker Paul - Chairman of Obama's Advisory Board on Economic Recovery - Former Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank (1979 to 1987 – during the Carter and Reagan Administrations) - Zionist - Member of the "Group of Thirty" - President of Rothschild Wolfensohn Company, intimately linked to the Rockefeller family - CFR; North American Director of the Trilateral Commission; Bilderberger.
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