// Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) through Google Earth
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Author Topic: Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) through Google Earth  (Read 1906 times)
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peace be upon you

I came across this description of a "flyover" about the Life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saaw). It is a .kmz file that opens in Google Earth. I have installed version 4.3 beta to get it to run, and I believe it is worth it, even at the cost of Google spying on you. Smiley

Important: To get around the restriction on file extensions, I have renamed it:


because it is a zipped file. After downloading, please rename it


and open in Google Earth.

Thameen_Darby    Hi
Loc: Jenin, Palestine.    This is a flyover depicting the life of the prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (saw).
   Islam is the second largest religion in the world; Prophet Muhammad who was born in a town in the Arabian Peninsula, Mecca. He lived for 63 years (570-633 AD). During his lifetime, he founded the third monotheistic religion, established the core of the Muslim empire, and started a new era in Human history with its own distinctive civilization that is still alive today.
   Fortunately, and unlike most other prophets of ancient times, the life of Prophet Muhammad is very well documented in great detail. It also encompasses a huge geographical area and most of the places where the prophet lived or visited are well known up to our very day. Thus I thought it is worth being illustrated on Google Earth.
   This flyover contains around 110 place marks marking the geographical places where the main events of the Prophet's life happened. For those without prior knowledge of the life of Prophet Muhammad, the story told in this flyover gives a summarized and quick introduction to the life of one of the persons who had great influence on the course of humanity. For whose familiar with the life of the Prophet, this flyover gives them a new look at the life of the prophet in its geographical context.
   This is a huge task that I embarked on. More additions are needed. I have put the main 110 pacemakers; however, I estimate that we can locate up to 1000 places directly connected to the life of the Prophet.
   Want to help improve this project? Are you familiar with the terrain in Saudi Arabia or have a good knowledge of the life of the Prophet, You can do the following:
   1.Give feedback regarding the places in this flyover correcting any misplaced place mark.
   2.Correct any factual errors in the story told in the place marks content.
   3.Help locate new places connected to the life of the prophet.
   Your contribution is appreciated. Let’s work on this project and expand it with all the places related to the life of Prophet Muhammad. I hope this flyover will be a great educational tool and an opportunity of understanding.
   For those wanting to contribute who know Arabic, There is a great website that contains all the major books on the life of the prophet including “Sirat Ibn Hisham”, and a list of all the geographical places that we intend to include in this project. It is a great start. Here is the site A great source for Arabic speakers
   For English speaking persons, I will recommend the wikipedia article on Muhammad. The article gives a simple introduction. If you want more comprehensive resources, see the external links in the bottom of the article. Wikipedia Article on Prophet Muhammad
   Thank you
   Technical notes:
   .In dealing with sensitive issues in the life of the Prophet which are religiously or politically charged, neutral language was used as much as possible.
   .The geographical locations and the narrative were based mainly on the book “Sirat Ibn Hisham” which is the most credible book on the life of the Prophet.

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