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Author Topic: The Wisdom of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) - Cute stories :)  (Read 4681 times)
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I heart the Madina

« on: Feb 07, 2009 12:15 AM »

The Wisdom of Imam Abu Hanifa radiahu

Recovering Stolen Goods

One night a gang of thieves broke into a man's house and stole his household goods. They also forced the owner to take an oath to the effect that if he identified the thieves he would be irrevocably divorced from his wife. The next morning the owner saw the thieves selling his goods but he could say nothing because of the oath he had taken. He came and related the incident to Imam Abu Hanifa.

The Imam requested him to gather the Imam, Muazzin and other influential people. When they all arrived Imam Abu Hanifa asked them, "Would you all like to see the goods of this man returned to him?"

They replied, "Yes, we do."

He then said, "Gather all the evil people you know of amongst you in a house or Masjid. Then let them come out one at a time and ask the owner if he is the thief. If he is not the thief he should say so. If he is the thief then the man should remain silent. When he remains silent you should arrest the thief."

They did as Imam Abu Hanifa had advised them and all the stolen good were recovered. (Al-Azkiya)

Refreshing the Memory

A man came to Imam Abu Hanifa and explained that he had buried some wealth in a place but he had forgotten where it was. Imam Abu Hanifa said to him, "This is not a question of fiqh (jurisprudence) that I can give you guidance on. However, go home and perform Salaah the entire night. Insha-Allah you will soon remember."

The man did as he was told. Not even a quarter of the night had passed when the man remembered where he had buried his wealth. He came back to Imam Abu Hanifa and told him what had happened.

The Imam explained, "I knew that Shaytaan would not allow you to perform Salaah the entire night and he would make you remember the place. Why did you not spend the remainder of the night in Salaah in gratitude to Allah?" (Al-Azkiya)

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more wisdom please


The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) commanded them (the women emigrants) to be regular (in remembering Allah by saying): "Allah is most great"; "Glory be to the King, the Holy"; "there is no god but Allah"; and that they should count them on fingers, for they will be questioned and asked to speak

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Yes, more please....thank you Grin
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