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a friend of mine has taken separation from her husband. she confided in me and my husband that her husband used to be addicted to pornography and it has led her to become extremely insecure in her relationship. she said that he has stopped to her knowledge since she found out, but still masturbates on a regular basis. he told her its very common amongst muslim men and permissible in certain circumstances. she seeked advice from an imam who told her to forgive him and to overlook this fault of his and to continue to encourage him onto the straight path.
my reaction and my husband's reaction to this was completely different. i was shocked and sympathetic to her emotions. my husband later told me that she is overreacting and shouldnt leave him for something so small. when i questioned him further he said that if he's stopped looking at pornography it means he's trying and he also said he doesnt know a single guy who hasnt masturbated.
now i am confused. i will not ask my husband any more about this but is this really so common and so accepted among muslim guys?
secondly how should i advize my friend?
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I am also Shocked to hear that from him. Where is that practice common among Muslims? Popular opinion of the Ulama on masturbation is that the practice is completely HARAM with no second thinking. This is based on the verse in the Suratul Mu'minun where Allah, The Almighty says:
                      " ........Who abstain from sex, Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame..."

So the believers only satisfy there desires through those means listed. And Allah added that whosoever chooses anyother means is a transgressor!

Concerning watching ponograpic pictures, that one I would say the person that made the statement is ignorant of the Shari'ah. I believe you all know about the hadeeth of the Prophet that prayed for Allah's cousre on whoever look at somebody's aurah and also course those that shows there aurah. So I suggest that Brother should be made to understand all these and other plenty verses and hadeethes related to that. Allah knows best.

Brother Sadah.
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