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Author Topic: Indonesia: De-Islamization of Muslim majority  (Read 586 times)
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« on: Feb 21, 2009 12:30 PM »

“I would prefer to see Indonesia splintering apart rather than being lead by a Muslim (practicing) figure,” - Maj. Gen. Theo Syafei (a Christian), deputy chairman of former president Megawati’s PDI Perjuangan.

“The unity of Muslim Ummah is the most dangerous factor, which must be disrupted by isolating various parts of the Ummah from one another and by the suppression of the religious leadership,” - Snouck Huurgronje, the chief Islamic advisor to the Dutch colonialists.

Though Christian account for only 9% of Indonesian population of over 220 million (88% Muslims, 2% Hindus and 1% Buddhists and Pagans) - like the Jewish Lobby in the West - they almost control the government, military, intelligence agencies (TNI, BAKIN, and BIN), media and economy (IBRA) and think tanks (Centre for Strategic and International Studies).

The top military general, who carried out mass murders of Muslims, are Christians, such as, Benny Murdani (former C-in-C and later Defense Minister), Luhut Panjaitan (former Minister of Industry), and Theo Syafei. The list of Christian ministers in former president Abdur-Rahman Wahid’s included Bungaran Saragih (Minister of Agriculture) and Purnomo Yusgiantoro (Minister of Mining and Energy).

Historically, Indonesia never functioned a political state until the colonization of its 13,500 islands by the Dutch colonialists in 1509 CE - who named the Malay world of Southeast Asia - the Dutch East Indies, which later was ‘Christianized’  to Indonesia. The Dutch colonialists originally came to invade about a dozen Islamic States - the lands from Acheh in the West to Ternate in the East, some 5,000 miles apart and many islands between, were all populated by Muslims and enjoyed the rule of Islamic Shari’ah. Muslim traders introduced Islam to the local people during the 13th century.

During the 1945-49 struggle for independence - lead by Islamic Mashumi Party - everyone expected that the new republic would be an Islamic State, not only because of the Muslim majority but also because the fighting and the dying were under the banner of ‘Islamic Jihad’. In 1949 - when the Dutch colonialists withdrew - they made sure to hand-over power to Javanese anti-Islam secularists and Christian elites whose first step was to scotch any mention of Islam in the Indonesian constitution, the Pancasila doctrine (word driven from Hindu mythology), which is based on pagan Hindu culture of the Natives. The second step was to place Islamic education, mosques, Zakah and Fitra, and Hajj under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which has been governed by ‘official ulemas’ (mostly belonging to Nahdatul Ulema Party), who believe that the Pancasila ideology is not against Islamic principles.

The five principles of Pancasila ( fathered by Kusno Sukarno, died 1970, the first president of Indonesia)are belief in God (according to ones’ own interpretation), Indonesian nationalism (it is a multi-cultural and a multi-racial entity, put together by Dutch colonialists), humanitarianism (its definition is to open to ones’ choice too), democracy (sort of American democracy - for the elites by the elites), and social justice (for the rich and powerful).

General Murdani was a frequent visitor to Tel Aviv. He bought arms and reconditioned Israeli jet-fighters for Indonesian Armed Force. Both Suharto and Murdani pocketed million of dollars worth of commission from Israelis. According to a CIA report on the working of Israeli Mossad - recovered from the US embassy in Tehran - Israeliprovided training to the secret service of Indonesia and maintained constant contacts through Mossad officers working under commercial cover.

In a CIA sponsored military-soup, Sukarno was replaced by a pro-West General Suharto in March 1967, who ruled the Muslim-majority country with the help of Christian military elites and western vultures who wanted to keep exploiting natural resources of the region and making sure that the country doesn’t turn into an Islamic state in the future.

Indonesia is rich in oil, gas, coal (93.4 billion-tonne), tin, nickle, timber, gold and silver - and has been target of western greed and killings.

The current (sixth) president, General Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (he held ministrial posts under president Wahid and Megawati) - has several Christians holding powerful cabinet posts, such as, defense, interior, and finance. In 2006, Iranian president, Dr. Ahmadinejad, visited Indonesia on Yudhoyono’s invitation.

Indonesia has no diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity - but that did not stop some ‘moderate Muslim scholars’ to meet Jewish mass-murderer, Shimon Peres in 2007.

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