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Author Topic: Your Best Ideal in Life  (Read 1199 times)
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« on: Feb 28, 2009 12:04 AM »

The Prophet is the best ideal to follow in your life…

He is the only personality in history to be followed in everything…

-If you are rich so follow the Prophet when he was a merchant traveling with his products between Hijaz and Ash-Sham and when he earned Bahrain's stores

-If you are poor so take him as an example when he was under blockade in the col (mountain pass) of Abu Taleb and when he emigrated to Madinah leaving his country without having anything… 
-If you are a king so follow him in his "Sunna" (All his doings and sayings) when he guided the Arabs and was obeyed by all, even great personalities.

-If you are a weak person so take the Prophet as an example when he was accused in Makkah within the atheist system.

-If you are a conqueror, you can share part of his life when he conquered his enemy in the Battle of Badr, Honayn and Makkah

-If you are defeated, take a moral lesson from the Battle of Uhod when he (PBUH)was among his dead and wounded friends…

-If you are a teacher take him an example when he taught his companions in the Masjed.

-If you are a student or seeking for more education, follow him (PBUH) when he was sitting between Gabriel's hands learning and understanding his Message…

-If you are an advisor, faithful consulter so listen to him when he advised the people in his Masjed of Madinah…

-If you are an Orphan, you have to know that the Muhammad's father died before his birth and his mother when he (PBUH) was still a child…

-And as for children he was that cute and polite child living his first years with  his child-minder Halima Assa'diyah … 
-If you are young so read the biography of the shepherd of Makkah…

-If you are a merchant traveling with some goods, so notice the behaviors of the caravan's leader who went to Busra…

-If you are a judge or evaluator, so look at the Prophet's judgment when he went to Ka'ba and saw the leaders of the tribes about to kill each other because they were struggling about who is the one to put the black stone in its place, and the Prophet –of course- resolved the problem. And also when he was in Madinah judging equally between people no matter if they are rich or poor…

-If you are a husband so read the Prophet's biography about the honest life of Khadijah's and Aisha's husband.
-And if you are a father, so learn how to treat your children as he (PBUH) did with his daughters and grandchildren…
No matter who you are … you have the Prophet's biography; your guide and candle lightning the darkness of your daily life helping you to go through it to gain the hereafter….
He is indeed the greatest personality all over the world. 

::Mohammad The Prophet of Islam ::���� ���� ����� ���� � ��� ����

Prophet Muhammed The Prophet of Islam
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