// Muslim Population in Canada to Double by 2017
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Author Topic: Muslim Population in Canada to Double by 2017  (Read 5913 times)
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I can email the report to those who are interested - Statistic Canada keeps tatistics on religion during census, and this reported summarizes that data. Ps- 2017 is the 150th birthday of this country.

Canada’s Demo-Religious Revolution: 2017 will bring considerable change to the profile of
the Mosaic / Révolution démo-religieuse du Canada : changements considérables dans le
profil de la mosaïque en 2017
Jack Jedwab
Association for Canadian Studies / Association d’études canadiennes
Executive Director / Directeur général
March 30, 2005 / 30 mars 2005

Once considered a predominantly Christian country, Canada is in for a dramatic shift in the
religious composition of its population when it reaches its 150th birthday. Statistics Canada
forecasts major changes to the religious landscape of the country by 2017. Projections of the size
of religious groups suggest potentially important challenges for the future as governments across
the country examine issues associated with the place of religion in schools and in public

Of the scenarios issued by Statistics Canada, it is scenario B that is considered to most likely. As
observed below it foresees an increase of approximately 160% in the numbers of Muslims in
Canada, 35% in the number of Buddhists, 65% in the number of Sikhs and 10% in the number of
Jews. Moreover, if the proportion of youth from these groups is any indication-as indicated in
Table 1a then the composition of schools in many parts of Canada will change fundamentally with
considerably higher rates of non-Christians than is actually the case. As other tables reveal much
of the concentration of these groups is in Canada’s largest cities. In the greater Toronto area,
approximately one out of six residents will be either Muslim or Hindu and the two groups
combined will pass the one million mark. In the nation’s capital, much like in Montreal the Muslim
population will be greater than all other religious groups combined as it will near the 100 000


Year    Muslim Population (% of Total)

2001     579700 (1.89%)
2006     783700 (2.49%)
2011   1101800 (3.32%)
2017   1421400 (4.11%)

Source: Statistics Canada, Projections 2001-2017

Muslim Population By City
2001 =    96 200  (out of 3.4 Million)
2017 =  227 400 (out of 3.8 Million)

2001 =  258 500  (out of 4.8 Million)
2017 =  657 000  (out of 6.3 Million)

2001 =  39 000  (out of 0.82 Million)
2017 =  96 000  (out of 1.13 Million)

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