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Author Topic: New street food to feature biryani to bulgogi  (Read 655 times)
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« on: Mar 17, 2009 08:26 PM »

At least 3 of these new vendors have Muslim sounding names - hopefully they will have Halal meat on the menu...

...potentially Halal food served right on the street in North America: chapli kabobs and biryani - can't wait!

New street food to feature biryani to bulgogi
Posted: March 17, 2009, 11:43 AM by Allison Hanes
street food
 Street meat will soon take on new meaning in Toronto, a town famous for its hot dog carts, as the city launches a new pilot project to have street food vendors serve up an array of diverse and healthy treats.
Eight purveyors have been selected based on a strict criteria of hygiene, nutrition and taste and will begin selling their wares by the long weekend in May.
The winning menus, which depend on the individual cart owners, are heavy on kebabs – with Afghani, Persian, Greek and Eritrean varieties – but will also include Korean kimchi, Caribbean jerk, pad Thai, spring rolls, biryani, baklava, samosas and injera.

"We’ll be introducing Toronto to a new way of thinking about fast food – the polar opposite of burger and fries delivered through a drive-thru window," said Councillor John Filion (Willowdale), chair of the public health board.
"In addition to being delicious, the new Toronto street foods will be health, personal, interesting and may introduce us to cultures we aren’t familiar with."

But while the city claims it is not looking to displace existing hot dog carts, Mr. Filion, the councillor responsible for the new Toronto à la cart pilot could barely disguise his contempt for the lowly pre-cooked sausage yesterday.
He said the higher prices of some of the dishes sold by the new vendors would be worth it “because it will be real food.”
Later he insisted he wasn’t taking a swipe at the hundreds of hot dog vendors who say they feel increasingly unwelcome on city sidewalks.
“There’s no problem with the existing hot dog vendors,” Mr. Filion said. “I have a problem with hot dogs from a health point of view.”
He said he hasn’t eaten a hot dog in years, preferring veggie dogs.

List of locations and foods:

Vendor: Seemab Ahmad
Location: Nathan Phillips Square, east side
Cuisine: Central Asian/Persian
Menu: biryani and salsa karahi served with pita/chapati/naan/rice

Vendor: Issa Ashtarieh
Location: Queen’s Park
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Menu: chicken/beef kebab wraps, tuna wraps, baklava, yoghurt

Vendor: Blair Bonivento
Location: Nathan Phillips Square, west
Cuisine: Greek
Menu: souvlaki, breakfast sandwiches

Vendor: Noorullah Imam
Location: Metro Hall
Cuisine: Afghan/Central Asian
Menu: chapli kabobs and samosas

Vendor: Young Jin Kim
Location: Yonge and Eglinton
Cuisine: Korean
Menu: bulgogi with seasonal kimchi and tokbukki served on or with eomuk-guk or japchae

Vendor: Bridgette Pinder
Location: St. Clair and Yonge
Cuisine: Caribbean fusion
Menu: jerk chicken, mango salad, pineapple with cinnamon sugar

Vendor: Nancy Senawong
Location: Mel Lastman Square
Cuisine: Thai
Menu: Thai barbecue with salad or rice, pad thai, spring rolls

Vendor: Andnet Zere
Location: Roundhouse Park
Cuisine: Eritrean
Menu: souvlaki, injera

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