// hacked my comp?!
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Author Topic: hacked my comp?!  (Read 1361 times)
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« on: Mar 26, 2009 04:43 AM »


I think someone hacked into my computer How do I know for sure?
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« Reply #1 on: Mar 26, 2009 03:07 PM »

Salams Sister Blackrose

I'm waiting for my IT tech guys to show up to work, so I'll asked them exactly what you should do (they sneak in around  11 am  Smiley but they the work late - so Im not knocking them...)

But ultimately there are two for sure ways of making sure everything is legit - but they are extreme measures

1.) Buy a new computer with all the software installed
2.) Format your hard drive existing computer (backing up your data, of course) and reinstalling everything back to factory settings and then

with 1 or 2.)
purchase good security software to ensure that you are protected - setup up security to high on everything
purchase a new router with firewall protection or see if your current one has it - then set it up

Otherwise find a computer expert and ask her or him which of the following would be appropriate measures to take because the person who cracked into your account might be someone you know

Hardware Configuration
Who set up your internet connection at the beginning? Call them to change router or internet connection settings and passwords.

Also you MUST secure your WiFi connection
If it's a wireless connections - have them not broadcast the signal
Even basic WEP encryption will keep you safer.

Software Configuration
Buy a very good Internet Security Software
Have the Internet Firewall ON

Update Anti-Virus protection software - virus scan often - such as every night at 2 am for now- and do the full scan
Get the updates for the rest of your computer's software
Install anti-spyware software as well - but it comes at the cost of your computer performance

Procedural Controls:
Limit Internet access to trusted sites
Change your accounts completely - switch to new email addresses and logins for everything
Change passwords every 90 days but dont reuse an old one
Unplug the computer from the internet when it's not in use
Don't let someone you can't trust into your network - The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

Clean up
Check account setting on your computer by going to the control panel (classic view) and seeing if there are any other user accounts.
Get rid of unnecessary programs - esp stuff like IM style software - really you only need an office type package and an internet program.
Disable any internet file sharing capabalities

Deep Freeze:
Look into a program that used to be called Deep Freeze. You can control things like installing, opening certain applications, changing settings

Backup up and Ghost Imaging:
Store all data (personal stuff like documents or pictures) on a removable drive like a 2.5 or 3.5" drive and store it in a safe space.

We use Ghost imaging at work once the computer starts going wonkie.

There is another type of Ghosting called Goback which will revert all the changes that were made to the OS every time you reboot. But it's important to save your stuff on a portable drive (see above). You can create one configuration with the programs, settings, updates and everything you would need on a running computer

Take a computer security course - it may build confidence through/thru knowledge

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« Reply #2 on: Mar 28, 2009 02:14 AM »


so when I get on firefox (msn is homepage) now msn says http://www.msn.com/defaulta.aspx

what does that mean? why the default?
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