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Author Topic: Any Tips on Job Hunting/ Interviews?  (Read 1546 times)
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JazakAllahu Kair!
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Draw up a good clear, concise CV, with no spelling mistakes and not overly detailed, you can provide greater details at interview stage.

When applying for positions, write out your own cover letter, do not use a template found online, the person selecting for the job will know it's a template immediately. Ensure you get the salutation right on the cover letter, I cannot count the number of applications which have addressed me as Mr or by my first name when I have clearly stated my name and title on the advert.

At interview stage, be clean and smart, be early, be calm,  If during an interview you're not sure how to answer, repeat the question back to the interviewer and go from there, make sure you've familiarised yourself with the company beforehand, so if they've done something prolific you can bring it up during the interview to show you're enthusiastic and want to work for this company and have gone out of your way to support your application.
Lastly have faith in yourself you got to interview stage, you clearly have skills potential employers are looking for.

And make lots of Dua as will we inshallah.


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Sister Blackrose, I had posted some job posting tips under the following

  Madinat al-Muslimeen >   Sis/Bros >   The Brother's Club Hangout >   Job Interview Tips for Muslims - 2009 Remix
I'm not sure if that is restricted to brothers only, so I am posting some of it here... It's written for bros, but take what's best from it - also, I am giving an open invitation to all to send me your resume, as I have been trained to review them (pls remove any personal identifiers of course Smiley )

Resume Submission:


Electronic file submission – if you are giving them a file of your resume, name it appropriately. Have your name and phone number and job # as the file name

Spell check

Have someone read the resume on your behalf
f you really want to check spelling, read the resume backwards!! Your eyes are conditioned to the words, if you read the sentences from end of beginning your brain has to work harder and actually read the words. Read any punctuations out loud, as well


Mohammed-Ali- 518-274-0137-Senior Engineer-Job 786A.doc

This way they don't have to open the file to get your contact number.

Cover Letter Tips

You have 10-15 seconds to show the prospective employer your skills - don't give them a sob story - give them results.

I have provided a cover letter that I have used. It's actually a table (See the attachment)

The Left column has all the requirements that job is looking for and the right column has your qualifications *Matching* the requirements. These qualifications must be also scattered throughout the resume. It's a tool to bring attention to the fact that you are qualified to do the job.

This technique gets you noticed when competing against 10s of thousand of resumes.

If you cannot fill more than 70% of the requirements, reconsider applying for this position.

Resume Tips

The resume should answer this basic question: What did you accomplish??
Do not use the word “managed” - it means nothing

One my first engineering roles we have a large project with many issues that I had to resolved across many disciplines – these are the lines I used:

Resolved the project deficiency list from over 10,000-post start up items down to 1 in less than 6 months.

Successfully accelerated the project closeout process and ensured that there was minimal out-of-scope work required to satisfy client's requirements

Mashallah, it gets me the interview all the time, as interviewers want to know more about this.

Two Schools of thought on the beginning part of the resume:

My experience is that the first 3 inches of the resume is the most important – use it well. Frankly, I don't care what you aspire to be or what your objectives are – this is the area to promote your qualifications.

Instead of objectives, try this:

Summary of Qualifications
Quality, Engineering and Validation project manager with extensive experience in heavily regulated industries. Proven ability to lead project validation, engineering and commissioning teams using problem-solving and decision-making skills in the following areas: 
•   Formal Project Management Training & Experience
•   GAMP,  GMP and QSR Experience
•   Root Cause Investigations
•   Validation Master Planning
•   Experience with internal and external audit processes
•   Corrective Action Preventative Action


If you are education heavy – list key degree first
If you are experience heavy, list most relevant job experience first.

Don't call it Work Experience, use  Professional Experience instead

The most valuable real estate on the resume is the left hand side – and usually we waste it with useless info, instead, use this format instead:

Company name on the left
Job Title
One Line description of work
List year(s)  of employment on right hand side – give years only – most don't care which months you worked at different places.


Cantel Medical, City, State   2006 to Present
Project Manager - Solid Dose Operations
Experience in leading successful projects from inception through to completion with extremely vertical timelines to meet market, safety and regulatory needs

Finally list any on the job training and Professional Associations or Chapters you are part of

ISPE - International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers - Member


Bros - Do not provide any additional information than necessary

Never Mention your *MOSLEM* - never ask for special accommodation - I have been working for many years mash Allah - they never bothered me about prayer. If you know they don't have wudu facilities – use the washroom and do wudu  before you go to work – pray zuhr asap (at the earliest time) and then use the washroom and pray asr at home. Or use the handicap washroom – if they have one – and pray in the first aid room, if possible.

Take your lunch later so it fits the Jumaah times.

Please, please, please – you know your self better than anyone =  Grooming is the most important part of the interview:

If you know you are jungly – please address this right away – that the heck does that mean?

Bros, if your hair grows faster than Chia pet – please arrange for a hair cut as close to the interview as possible.

Dry cleaning is not a waste of money! Creases in the pants and shirt arms means that you pay attention to detail (aka the creases that are supposed to be there - not the wrinkly type !)

Jeans are not cool – you must always dress one degree above your perspective colleagues – if they wear pants and shirt – you have to wear a tie, if they wear a tie, you have to have a blazer. But if it's a grease monkey shop and you come with a suit – chances are you won't get the job.

If you don't know the answer right way, say, "that's a good question" before answering – those few second may give you the ability to come up with the answer, if not, tell them the truth.

Confidence – if you need any confidence booster – remember this – You have something every special – that other don't have:
You are part of the best Ummah in the World, when you die, you will be the first group to enter Jannah, inshallah.

Anyways, if I have offended anyone, please forgive me, that was not my intention


Your heart will not truly open until you understand Surah 21 : Verse 92  (Al-Anbiya: The Prophets)

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