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Author Topic: Heartwheel Journals by Muhammad Ash-Shareef  (Read 2633 times)
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Ya Muqallib Al-Quloob thabbit quloobana ala deenik

« on: Apr 07, 2009 01:57 AM »


"That which is measured improves. A 30-Day Tarbiyah Journal designed by Muhammad Alshareef, as seen on Islam Channel."

Since we're halfway to Ramadan, self-improvement has been on my mind lately, even if it's virtual. Smiley
And I'm currently in Al-Maghrib Institue withdrawal.  Sad

1) Go to www.heartwheeljournal.com to download the Heartwheel Journal. It's quite a few pages, so maybe print it out little by little every day, then get it bound.

2) Take a listen on how to use here: ttp://content.screencast.com/media/9fe43c83-5182-4b96-9c5f-ca87296e6d18_ad7748ff-6ef6-4d90-9239-61c5ffea1cf6_static_0_0_74440911.mp3.

3) There are some video halaqahs (like having a life coach) for each day from an Islam Channel. Like here: 

My first goal is to start the Heartwheel Journal during my next vacation from teaching at school, insha'Allah (third week of April). Yes, I'm publicizing this (not really, but within reason), so I'll stick to it, insha'Allah.

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