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Author Topic: The Prophets are Doctors of the Heart—Sh. Muhammad Hassan  (Read 2193 times)
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« on: Apr 11, 2009 08:21 PM »

Bismillahir rahman ir raheem
April 8, 2009

The Prophets are Doctors of the Heart—Sh. Muhammad Hassan

Asalamu alaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, All praise be to the One Who did not take a child, and has no partner in dominion, the One Who has no helper, Whom there is no god except He, the Creator of all things, and there is no creator other than Him.   Allah deserves all forms of worship, and He declared that we worship none other than Him, that is because Allah is the Truth, and what they call on other than Him is falsehood, and Allah is the Highest, the Greatest.

I bear witness that there is no god other than Allah, unique in His Actions, Names, and Attributes; He has no equal, no partner, no opposite, no wife, no parents, nor children.  “Say: Allah is One, the Lord and Sustainer of the Universe, He has no children, no parents, and there is nothing like Him.”

And I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, the Leader of those who declare God’s Oneness, and His close Friend.  He is the most knowledgeable of people from amongst Allah’s creation, who said about Allah: Indeed Allah does not sleep, and it is not befitting of Him to sleep.  His veil is Light, if it were lifted, the vision of the onlooker would be set ablaze.

May Allah send peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad, the Shining Sun, and Allah opened through him blind eyes, sealed hearts, and left us on a clear manifest guidance, its night like its day. He is the caller to the best of actions and speech and character, and may peace be on his companions, family, and all those who follow his guidance and Sunnah, until the Day of Judgment. 

Welcome my noble friends, parents, brothers and honorable sisters, and may Allah reward you for your efforts.  You have done well, and earned a place for yourselves in Jannah.  I ask Allah the Loving and Generous, who joined us during this blessed hour in His worship, to join us with the Best of Callers, and Imam of the Prophets in the Gardens of Paradise. 

My beloved: Jibreel asks and the Prophet, peace be upon them both, answers.  Lessons in Aqeedah and Imaan, and Tawheed, based on the Hadith of Jibreel, I present it to the beloved Ummah in a unique presentation, the questions and answers that take place between the Prophet pbuh and Jibreel.  Why not, and the questioner is the Trustworthy one of the heavens, Jibreel, and the teacher is the Trustworthy one of the earth, our noble Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

I deliberately repeat this hadith in the begin of each program so that the Ummah may memorize it, for how desperately does our Ummah need to memorize the words of its Lord and its Prophet, pbuh.

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari in its abridged form, and Muslim, Ahmed, and others at length, and the version I chose for us: The first one who spoke of denying Qadr in Basra was Ma’bad al Juhani.  We found Ibn Umar in a Masjid, and we said:  Oh Aba Abdurahman, some people have begun to read the Quran seeking out its minute details, believe that all events happen spontaneously, and that Allah doesn’t know about them until they happen.  Ibn Umar said: “If you meet them, tell them that I am free from them and they are free from me.  By Allah, if they gave a mountain of gold in charity it would not be accepted from them.  They don’t believe until they follow the way of the Prophet, pbuh.”  Ibn Umar then said, ‘Hadathani Abi’ i.e. my father (Umar bin al-Khattab) taught me: “While we were sitting with the Prophet, pbuh, a man suddenly came upon us, his clothes were extremely white, and his hair extremely black, and he had no signs of travel upon him, and none of us knew him.  He sat next to the Prophet, placing his knees next to his knees, and placing his hand on his thigh and said, ‘Oh Muhammad, Teach me about Islam…’ 

The Prophet pbuh said, ‘Islam is to bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is his messenger, establish prayer, pay Zakat, fast Ramadan, and perform Hajj if you are able.’  The man said, ‘You have spoken the truth.’  We were amazed that he asked him a question, and then told him he was correct!  He then said ‘Teach me about Iman.’

 The Prophet replied, “To believe in Allah, His angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Day of Judgment, and to believe in Destiny, its good and evil.”  He said, ‘You have spoken the truth.’  He then said…’Teach me about Ihsaan…’  The Prophet said, “To worship Allah as if you see him, and if you aren’t able to see him, then He indeed Sees you.”  He said, ‘Teach me about the Hour…’ 

The Prophet replied, “The one being asked does not know more than one questioning.”  The man said, ‘Then tell me about its signs.’  The Prophet said, ‘A slave-woman will give birth to her master, and you will see barefoot, naked, herdsmen competing in constructing tall buildings.” 
Then the questioner left.  We sat for a while, and then the Prophet pbuh said: ‘Do you know who the questioner was oh Umar?’  I said, ‘Allah and His Messenger know best.’  He replied, ‘He is Gabriel (Jibreel), he came to teach you your religion.’ ”

We continue, my honored friends, on our 22nd meeting, with this methodology of upbringing that our Ummah is so desperately in need of.

Today, I speak about Tarbiyya with good character.   Tarbiyya with Akhlaq is the most critical of the foundations of Tarbiyya, and our children, no, we ourselves, our in desperate need of this critical foundation.

I am very proud of the methodology of Tarbiyyah based on the Quran and Sunnah, for it is the only successful means of Tarbiyya, and I say:  This Ummah has the only solution for humanity to attain happiness in the worldly life, the dunya and in the hereafter, the akhirah.

But someone might ask:  Where is this great Ummah today?  I answer: when we followed this minhaj, we become the best of nations, and within a minute amount of time that is nothing with respect to history, shepherds and cattleman were transformed into leaders of nations and civilization.

Unfortunately today, the Ummah blindly imitates the West, and it borrows the ugliest things in Western culture.  Why don’t they take the best of the things in the West?  Such as science and knowledge, no but they don’t imitate this, they take the ugly behaviors and bad character.
And many of our youth hang out with the youth of the West, and imitate them, and our daughters, follow their styles of clothing, and haircuts.

I say:  Our Ummah is desperately in need of learning this minhaj of Akhlaq from the Quran and the Prophet.

And this Tarbiyya permeates the nafs, the heart, the psyche of a human being, and I will explain this in detail today.

Khuluq, good character, is not less important than Aqeedah!  Didn’t Allah command us to worship to perfect our character, and perfect our interactions with others?  Worship was revealed for us to attain Taqwa, piety and fear of Allah.

Akhlaq is all encompassing, and I will mention today, after having mentioned in the last two meetings about the need of the world for good examples of character, I will speak about the most important foundations of building good character.

Today’s topic is very critical:

The first foundation is:

1.)    Adab or Good manners:

My beloved brothers and sisters, come and listen to this:  character is of two types, listen to this Mothers:  Character that is inherited, natural, that Allah created us with:  For example, Tawheed, or believing in God’s Oneness.   Or, for example, covering the private parts, the natural feeling of modesty.

Imagine those who uncover these things, they have completely lost their natural Fitra (inherent belief in Islam), imagine the  difficulty of returning these people to their true nature, a woman uncovers her herself, can you imagine how much environment affects people and changes their fitra?

Imagine a person, standing in a street urinating, or on a beach, and people are looking at him.  This is complete loss of Fitra. 
Or beaches, with naked men and women, there is complete loss of Fitra amongst humanity.

Environment should help us retain and recover our true Fitra, but unfortunately, our environments don’t allow except for evil behaviors.
It is not possible for these types of evil environments to produce good plants:  Allah says, “Good earth only produces good crop, and filthy earth will only bring forth filthy crop.”  This is the command of Allah, but there are exceptions to every rule: Moses grew up in the castle of the Pharaoh, and he is the one whom Allah spoke to directly from the Prophets!

But these exceptions don’t cancel out the original rule, a noble father and a noble mother, they will not raise except a beautiful child.  A girl who only hears beautiful words will speak good words.

My beloved, if a man has high aspirations, he can change these inherent bad characteristics.

Many think that inherent traits dominate over environment.  We all agree that learned behaviors can be changed, by sitting with scholars, being in good environments, as I mentioned last time.

But I am referring to inherited characteristics, and you can change them!  Oh father, mother, thinker, journalist, professor, I speak to everyone today, not just our youth, boys, girls, and parents.

You will find good environments bring out good, and it is critical that effort is made to create a positive environment.  Usually people will not move forward except with the flow of the crowd, so if you raise up a flag of righteousness, the crowd will follow it.

People vary in their ability to change their inherent bad behaviors, changing ugly into beautiful, bad character into good character, people vary in this battle.  Yes it is a battle, a war, with one’s self, one’s ego, and among them, some succeed, and they purify their souls.  Allah says, “Qad aflha man zakaa ha.”  “He is successful, he who purifies his heart.”

They changed evil traits into good ones, how?  They fought off these bad traits and treated them with the words of Allah.  They reprimanded their souls, “Why did you say that?”  “Why did you look at that haram?”  Why are you being so jealous, why did you backbite, why are you being stingy?”

They hold themselves to account, or Muraqaba, like a stingy business partner holds his partner to account.
They say:  Five minutes ago, you said something evil to him or her, half an hour ago, why did I say this?

Even, while he is driving, and he stops at a red light, he checks himself:  Allah says, “He who fears standing in front of his Lord, and prevents his soul on its evil inclinations, the Paradise is his abode!”

We have all heard the verse: “For the one who gives, and has Taqwa, and believes in truth, We will make easy for him the path of easiness.”
Allah  will make everything ease for him, in his life.

The Prophet pbuh said, “Whoever makes the afterlife his goal, Allah makes all his affairs come together, and fill it with blessings.  But the one whose goal is the dunya, Allah places poverty between his eyes, and causes all his affairs to be divided, and he only gets from the dunya what is written for him.”

 “And he is in loss he who sullies his soul.”

And the other hand, ok leave your nafs to have all that it desires. No problem, watch any channels, dirty magazines, look at whatever you want.
Where does it end?  No matter how many years you satiate your nafs, you will eventually have to stand in front of Allah. 

I ask Allah to let us die on Imaan.

Now:  Imagine a river, gushing forth, stongly and quickly, like at its source, for example the Nile back in Ethiopia, imagine its power and speed, the water rises, and the river overflows its banks, and the farms and schools and houses, and factories become flooded. 

The wise people who live around the river get together, and they try to figure out a solution to deal with the flood; true water is the source of life, but water can change into a destructive force, that destroys houses, if you have ever seen a flood, it causes the heart to skip a beat from shock.

Remember what you saw in Italy, 4 days ago, or in America, or in Australia, it fills one’s heart with the powerful of Allah, and we realize that no matter how much one owns of technology, such as these industrialized nations, it is much weaker than the power of Allah.  It shows their impotence, these earthquakes, and volcanoes, it proves to us their weakness, .  The time has come for people to realize the Power of Allah, through television we see He is Awesome Might, everything is in the Hand of the King.
“If Allah touches you with a hardship, than who can remove it other than Him?”

The water overflows the banks, a huge flood, and the people say “What do we do with this flood?”

The people become divided into three groups:

1.    A group who wants to stop the water by placing sandbags in front of the water.  But they do not succeed, since water is too powerful.  Every time they place the sandbags in front of the water, the water takes another route, and it flows stronger than at first.  They fail.

2.   They second group, they say, “We cannot stop this water, but let us go back to the source of the river, and stop its flow from its source.”  What kind of logic is this?  The spring at its source is the most powerful point in its flow.  They fail as well.

3.   The third group, they learned from the mistakes of the others, and the happy are those who take heed from the failings of others.  They say, “This water, which is the source of life, it has become destructive.”  I wish I could listen to you right now to hear your ideas on how to deal with this flood, but let me tell you, this crisis is real, not imaginary.

The third group, the wise people, they don’t try to stop its flow from its source, nor from the banks, but they make paths for the river to overflow, over farming lands, so that the water may irrigate these lands.  The land becomes green, and the water reaches the deserts, and it makes it blossom with life.

For water is beneficial, to farm, to drink, to give life, but they needed to create a plan to channel its flow here or there, so that it can take its natural course.  It is the means for the success of the people, for they need water to grow, and to reap harvest.

By the way, I believe the time has come for us to bring our money home from the failing banks of the West, and if the people of the Ummah invested just a small portion of their wealth in their own lands, we would be able to feed all of our poor and provide jobs for them.  So they should remove it from those failing investments in the West, and the collapsed system of the West.

The Prophet, pbuh, saw the Nile and Euphrates during his Ascension, and he asked Jibreel about them, and Jibreel said, “They are the Nile and Euphrates.”   The Prophet pbuh saw them in Paradise!

Our Ummah is rich, in its great minds, its land, its minerals, its youth, it is rich in its following of the Prophet pbuh, and these people who left the Muslim lands and went to American and Europe, and they are drowning.  And now people are oppressing others, because of borders, and they should be free to travel from one land to another.

But let me leave politics aside, but those who say religion has no part in politics, and politics is separate from religion, this is incorrect, but rather the leaders should listen to the advice of the scholars of the religion.

The power of water can be harnessed, and the water can be channeled to the benefit of humanity.

Like that, is Akhlaaq.  Pay attention to this:  Your natural bad traits, you can leave them to destroy all of your behavior and manners with others, or you can harness it and change it into beautiful behavior.
Allah did not create us with these behaviors for no reason.  Some change them, and others leave them, and they become worse day by day.

Here take this example:  self-esteem.  One of your children, he is very proud of himself. This characteristic can be an overflowing river, or it can be beautiful and beneficial for your child. 

If the father, or parent, does not treat the child careful, these characteristics may become arrogance.
Or it can be used to raise his aspirations, and channeled into a feeling of justice, and not accepting wrong.  But it should not transfer into belittling others.  He might feel excessively righteous and honorable, but you can channel it into pride in his religion, his prophet, his heritage. 
Or else it can become belittling others, and arrogance and pride.

Your son, for example, is riding with you in the car, and he is very proud.  You come to a gas station, and a child starts wiping your windows, don’t lose this opportunity. Tell your son that his righteousness is beautiful blessing he should thank Allah for.  Teach him that this child is righteous and doing a noble job.  Tell him that one who works for his living through halal means is doing something noble.

Or it could be a sanitary worker, and he carries garbage, teach your child that he is serving society, and that we would not be able to live if he didn’t do his job, even for just a few days.

If your child is very active and strong, teach him to not accept wrong when he sees it being done to others. 

I was once on the highway, and I saw a man was watching a DVD while he was driving. Shaykh:  I do that!   No, that is not freedom, you are putting the lives of others in danger.  Freedom is not to do whatever you want, but your freedom is in so far that you don’t hurt others. 
I was sitting in a public park with my kids, and I reminded them:  it isn’t right for us to leave our trash here.  No, we must all keep in mind the rights of others, to enjoy the park as well.  Khuluq should be with us always.

Like a pearl in the bottom of a sea, it is there, but it takes a skillful diver, to bring it out from the bottom of the ocean.
Imagine a hidden pearl, it brings so much benefit to the one who finds it.  Likewise is  good character.  We shouldn’t be satisfied with cleaning up our outsides, no we should strive to bring out our hidden gems.

We can polish these evil characteristics and benefit from them, or we can suffer from them.

Like someone smoking, he says, I am free.  No, you are harming yourself and others, from the creation, and the angels.  The Prophet pbuh said, La darrara wa la diraar, let there be no harm or reciprocating harm.

Or if you ride a bus, it is not permissible for you to bother a girl on the bus, or try to flirt with her.  If she complains, you might say, “You should ride a taxi if you think you are so honorable!”  No, this evil akhlaq will drown its owner before others.

Inherited traits are difficult to change, I don’t deny it, and it can be even harder than treating physical diseases.  It takes Mujahada (struggle), and relying on Allah, and going to the doctors of the soul.

If you had a heart problem, you would leave no stone unturned in searching for the right medicine, and the right doctor.
Likewise, should be the one whose soul has an illness.  The one who has a physical disease may become ill, but one whose soul is corrupt will be forever in the Fire.  Which is worse?!

Just like you search for a doctor for your sicknesses, likewise search for a doctor for your soul.  The greatest of them are the Prophets and Messengers, then the scholars, then the Callers to the religion.

Every author, every parent, every leader, every journalist, we must all go back to the medicine and teaching of the Prophets of Allah, for they are the most competent in purifying souls.
Allah says, “Doesn’t Allah know, and He is aware of the subtle, all-Knowing?”

This is the first foundation of Ahlaaq:   Adab or good manners.  I know it was a long intro.
But what is Adab, and what does it meaning linguistically, and in the language of Islam, and what are its types?  Inshallah we will answer these questions next time.

And from good Adab is to not go overtime, so I leave you in Allah’s care, and may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon you.

Note:  Please spread this knowledge to your friends and family and feel free to post it on your websites, may Allah reward you.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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            Thanks for sharing this article.

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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2009 01:52 PM »

All praise be to Allah.

I am very happy Vincent that you enjoyed the article.  Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any, I and the others on the board would be more than happy to help.

Take care.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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