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Author Topic: HOW TO NAVIGATE this Board!  (Read 2362 times)
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« on: Jan 20, 2008 10:10 PM »

assalamualaikum ,

Ok I'm going to give you guys a few tips on how to navigate this board so you can read the posts easier.  computer

1. First when you login, at the top right corner you'll see some things you can click on. You can use these to see what's new since you logged in.

2. The boards that have new posts will have the little red star next to them like this:

3. The sub-forums that have new posts will also be bolded like this. You can click on them directly to go right into that sub-forum.

4. At the bottom you'll see a whole info center that has the latest 20 active recent topics. The ones you haven't read will have a little next to them. NOTE that Sisters-only/Brothers-only board topics do not appear UNLESS you are logged in so don't worry no one wrongly sees them  Embarrassed

Below that you'll see two links. If you click on the one for the latest topics it will open a new window with 25 latest topics. If you click on the one that says latest posts, that just brings up all the posts from the last few days.

5. Once you're done reading what you would like for that time, you can click on the link to the bottom right of the board that says Mark All Messages As Read, and this will mark everything read so the next time you logon you'll see the it from that time on. There is also a "mark all read" link on the top of every board.

I hope that helps a bit!!!

wsalaam wrt

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