// Any Natural Remedies to help get pregnant? Any advice for my friend?
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Author Topic: Any Natural Remedies to help get pregnant? Any advice for my friend?  (Read 6659 times)
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« on: May 01, 2009 05:17 AM »


My friend is trying to get pregnant

" I'm 29 years old, I have been on birth control in the past but not within
 the last probably 10 years
 We haven't been trying very long (just 2 months) I just don't want to wait very long
 cuz ya know I'm not getting any younger.
 My doctor did say it might be a little harder for me to get pregnant, she
 wants me to start Clomid but then I have a 80% chance of twins which really
 scares me.
 I don't know what to do. "
we've only been trying for 2 months, the reason I'm going to dr's already is cuz I've had problems.
I had to have surgery. For the last 10 years we used condoms but they said I probably wouldn't have
gotten pregnant any ways. I don't know... They say it will probably be kinda difficult for me to get pregnant. Insha-Allah
I hope I get pregnant soon, and It doesn't take very long. "
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2 months - probably not the time to start worrying.  see another doctor, because this one sounds stupid. just relax, mark your ovulation days.... eat fine, stay fit (lose some weight while you can).
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try the 12-21 rule, mark the day you had your periods on a calender, count 12 days and thats the day your fertile period starts and it ends on the 21st day of your period.
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I don't think the above applies if you have irregular periods.

Doctors typically say to wait at least 2years before you start worrying that you're not getting pregnant.  Understandably you want to get pregnant soon, but there may not be anything to worry about just yet.
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I know that stress really complicates matters in terms of conceiving.  As to natural remedies, I have no idea.  There are certain things to avoid  like caffeine, alcohol (which does not apply to us alhamdolellah) and hot baths.  For men, they should avoid wearing tight pants/briefs because this may limit their fertility.   So, make dua's and istighfar while seeking means of conceiving.  The doctor might be on the right track with recommending the medication to stimulate ovulation.

I have heard stories from people who have been trying for 7-10 years and then accepting that Allah swt has not written that they would have kids, then they conceived literally out of the blue. 

may Allah give us righteous children that will be the coolness of our eyes, ameen.   
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2 months - probably not the time to start worrying.  see another doctor, because this one sounds stupid. just relax,

My thoughts exactly, and why clomid? And after only 2 months?
Has this doctor already done blood work showing your hormone levels?
Ultrasounds? (to check for cysts, etc?) done the exam where they put dye in your tubes to check for
blockages? Or the laproscopic surgery where they go in and check you out from the inside?
Most doctors don't consider getting pregnant an issue unless you have tried for 8 to 12 months with no luck.

Go to the store and buy two things, 1) A basil thermometer and take your temp every morning before you wake up
and chart it for 30 to 90 days and  2) an ovulation predictor which you can use to see if you're ovulating
on the days your temp is  higher than normal.
Most of all, RELAX, it has only been two months.
However I wonder if there is other info we are not aware of, why would a doctor say they doubt she would of
gotten preg over the last few years while using condoms? (had they not been using them) and what
was the surgery? With those two comments seems like there may underlying medical conditions
we are not privy to and if so all our advice may not be suitable.

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Take a vacation

There is a group of young muslims married couples who used away go to "cottages" together - a long weekend or just any weekend - and one of the couples would have a child 9 months later  - no one talks about it, but it's the truth, and usually it's the couple who arrived first before everyone else.
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Are you still looking for herbal boosts sister?

If you can get to a herbalist ask about Agnus Cactus.

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Agnus castus will restore hormone imbalances and possibly help increase your luteal phase, might not work if the problem is something else tho.

On the other hand hopefully, the sister is pregnant now?

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Inshallah I hope she is. Please make dua for all us other sisters in a similar situation.
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