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Author Topic: Message for Our Youth—Sh. Muhammad Hassan  (Read 1278 times)
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

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A Message for Our Youth—Sh. Muhammad Hassan

Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah, who enlightened hearts with His Book, and the most eloquent are silenced in front of its majesty, for it is the absolute proof, the eternal miracle, a healing for the heart, and a clarifying guidance.
All praise be to the Allah, the One who says:  “Say: ‘If the ocean were ink for the words of my Lord, the ocean would run dry before the Words of my Lord would run out.’  Even if We added another ocean like it.”

The One who says:  “Ta ha, We have not sent down the Quran to be a hardship for you.  It is only a reminder for those who are humble. A message from the Creator of the heavens.  The Merciful One, who is upon His Throne.”

And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger, the best of Messengers sent to humanity, and the brick of completion in the house of Divine dispensation, who came lifting hardships from people, calling to the best speech, a shining sun.  Allah sealed by him His Message, and opened closed eyes, and left us on a clear manifest guidance.

May Allah bless him, his family, and all those who follow in his footsteps until the Day of Judgment.

May Allah enlighten your faces, for Allah has opened these hearts of yours to love of His religion. 
I ask Allah who joined us in His obedience, to join us in the afterlife in the Gardens of Paradise.

I say these concise words:  Even if knowledge has many branches, the most honorable is knowledge of the meanings of the Quran.  For if the nobility of knowledge is judged by its subject, than what can be nobler than the words of Allah?  For they are the source of all wisdom, and the foundation of true knowledge.

The problems afflicting humanity are from Allah, and they cannot be removed except by Allah, and humanity’s sicknesses will only by cured by the cure prescribed by Allah.  Humanity is laughing like a madman, and flaying like a drunkard, and yet it has all the cures for its illness, but it does not know how to use them.  When humanity turned away from the way of Allah, it lost everything.

Yes, humanity will never find happiness on its own.  Humanity has lost its light, although it has all the means of attaining light.  It has no security, though it strives with all its might and wages endless wars for security.  Allah says, “Doesn’t the One Who Created Know, and He is informed of the subtle, all Knowing.”

The Quran causes some to find happiness, and others find in it loss.
“We send down in the Quran with what is healing for the hearts, yet it does not increase the oppressors except in loss.”

Everyone reads the Quran, but we need a complete understanding of the Quran, and if we don’t attain this level of comprehension, we can harm while we intend good.  Zealousness alone is not sufficient, nor is sincerity alone enough.  These must be couple with sound understanding.

Ali sent Ibn Abbas to calling the Khawarij (those who rebelled against the Muslim ruler) back to Islam.  Yet listen to these words of wisdom:  He said “Do not argue with the Khawarij using the Quran, for the Quranic verses carry many meanings; rather argue with them with the Sunnah.”

The youth cannot understand the Quran unless they know the verses that have specialized meanings versus those whose meanings are generalized, the mujmal and the mubayyan, the naasikh and mansookh, tahqeeq al manaat, tanqeeh al manat, manaataat al adilla, and all the other various categorizations of knowledge, which must be perfected in order that we arrive at the true intent of the words of Allah and His messenger.

The Khawarij used the Quran to say that Ali was a Kaafir.  I encourage us to pay heed to this dialogue between Ibn Abbas and the Khawarij: 

Ibn Abbas said, “What complaint do you have about Ali?”

 They said:  “He used men to judge between people (during the conflict with Muawiyyah in order to reach a treaty), and Allah said: “And the judgment in things is only for Allah.”  So Ali became a Kaafir by doing so.”
Look at this sick understanding of the Quran.  This is what they are saying about Ali, Oh Allah, they say Ali is a Kafir, and the Prophet pbuh said to Ali “You are to me like Haroon was to Musa.”

By the way, let me say that we as people of Ahl as Sunnah love the family of the Prophet, we love Ali, and Hassan, and Hussain, and Fatimah, and Abbas, and we believe this love is a means of drawing closer to Allah.

Yes, they say Ali is a Kaafir, and they use the Quran as their daleel!

 And then they said to Ibn Abbas, “He fought a group of people, and did not take their booty.  If they were non-Muslims, he should have taken their possessions as booty.  And if they were Muslims, he should not have fought them in the first place.  (This is referring to the Incident of the Camel)”

Thirdly, “He denied himself the title, ‘Amir al Muminoon’, when he negotiated the treaty with Muawiyyah.”

Ibn Abbas, using his deep knowledge and fiqh of the religion, replied:  “Is the judging by a group of people to save the blood of the believers more important, or judging for a rabbit?  Allah says that during Hajj, if one kills a rabbit in the Haram, he should be judged by a group of just people.  Is resorting to judgment between men more appropriate to save the lives of Muslims or for a rabbit?!  Did this become clear to you?” 

They replied, “Yes.”

Ibn Abbas continued, “For the second complaint that you made, did you want Ali to take Aisha, the mothers of the believers, as a slave?  For if he did that, that would certainly be Kufr, for Allah says, “The Prophet has more right to the believers than themselves, and his wives are their mothers.”  Did this become clear to you?”

They said, “Yes.”

Ibn Abbas continued, “As for your third complaint, is Ali better, or the Prophet, when the Prophet pbuh sent Suhail bin Aamir, to negotiate the treaty of Hudaybiah.  The Prophet told Ali to write, “Bismillahir rahman ar raheem”  They said, we know Allah, but we don’t know Rahman nor Raheem.  So the Prophet told Ali, “Write:  Bismikallah humma, this is the treaty between Muhammad the Messenger of Allah and the Quraysh.”

The Quraysh objected, they said, “If we believed you were the messenger of God we wouldn’t be here in the first place.”  So the Prophet said to Ali, “Erase it, are write ‘Muhammad the son of Abdullah.’  And in another narration, ‘and perhaps you will be forced to do the same one day.’

The Prophet pbuh removed his title “Messenger of God” in order to make the treaty, and likewise Ali removed his title of ‘Leader of the Believers’ to adjudicate between him and Muawiyyah.

Ibn Abbas said, “Are you convinced?”

They replied, “Yes.”

This example makes it clear that we cannot understand the Quran unless we return to the understanding of the early generations.  Allah chose them to be companions of the Prophet, and they were the best of people.
Some of the scholars said, “The Quran is in more need of the Sunnah in order to be properly understood than the Sunnah is in need of the Quran.” 

Even the Sahabah would sometimes misunderstand verses of the Quran and need the Prophet pbuh to explain their true meaning.  For example, when the verse was revealed regarding “those who love to be praised for what they didn’t do” promising them the Fire, the Sahabah became very distraught, and they said, “We all love to be praised, even if it is for something we didn’t do.”  Then the Prophet pbuh clarified to them that this verse was referring the People of the Book, and not the Muslims.

The Prophet, pbuh, also warned us about those who would rely upon the Quran alone, and not refer to the Sunnah.  He said, as narrated in Tirmidhi:  A time will come when someone will come and sit, and say, I only make whatever the Quran makes halal, to be halal, and what it makes haram, to be haram.

I say to the youth, I don’t belittle your sincerity, your zealousness and enthusiasm.  But that is not sufficient, there must be correct understanding, and this is why the science of Tafseer is so important.

The Quran was not revealed for women to beautify their chests with it in golden pendants, or to hang as decoration on walls.  It wasn’t for this that it was revealed.  Nor was it revealed to formalize our gatherings and sittings with its recitation.  No, it was revealed to raise a nation, an Ummah, by its guidance and teachings.  Yes, the Quran and the Sunnah are needed together.

I close with these words of hope:

The truth is with us, and the falsehood is with the others. But we have not been able to create a living example of this truth and fulfill the character and Akhlaaq required by this truth.

We haven’t conveyed the message of truth with truth, and yet the people of falsehood present the falsehood and make it look like truth, so falsehood becomes artificially inflated, although it is empty and perishing.  And the truth appears small and faded, although it is soon to become established and manifest. 

I ask Allah to return us to His religion, and guide the leaders of the Muslims, and increase the lands of Muslims in security and peace.

And all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Please post this knowledge on your message boards and websites, inshallah it will be Sadaqa Jariyya for you.  One who calls to goodness is like the one who does it.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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