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Author Topic: Some Questions  (Read 1350 times)
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« on: May 08, 2009 08:32 PM »

I have a few questions which r nagging me since long. I will list some here and please whoever knows the answer, let me know too.

1. best way to learn Arabic, is there any free website (Cause I don't have Credit card or paypal), or I can buy (Cash I Have) a CD/DVD, please tell me the best one available in India or Dubai.?

2. I worry about our environment, isn't there any hadis or verse from Quran forbidding people to spend less water, or not to do such thing which may harm environment.?

3. Is wearing half sleeves t-shirt absolutly forbiddin as proper during Salah?

4. Rennet, which is prepared from stomach of cows, is used to make Cheese, which in turn is used to prepare pizzas, burgers, and many other things, so is eating in Mcdonalds, Pizza hut Haram? These thing are available in Non-haram sections of hypermarkets of islamic countries like Dubai and Oman? I found Rennet among the list of haram Items on one website?
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2009 01:25 PM »


Ans 1: If you are a beginner, and want to start understanding the Quran, the best site is:

You can select one of many languages such as English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, etc.

I suggest you go through the short course, then the one called Basic course. The courses are downloadable.

There are other websites for Arabic in everyday use as well.

Ans 2: There is indeed prohibition of wastage, particularly water. I cannot recall a Hadith, but even in wuddu and ghusl one is supposed to be economical.

Ans 3: If you have rolled up your sleeves, you should unroll them before the Salaah. If you are wearing a half sleeve shirt, there is nothing you can do. As for an absolute ban, I really do not know.

Ans 4: Here again it is best to ask a mufti. There are ultra-harsh muftis, and then there are more tolerant ones.

One does not really consume the rennet, which is very little. One consumes the cheese, but then the Muftis should be consulted.
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« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2009 06:02 PM »

Salaam alikoum

I wish this can help :

How Islam Cares About the Environment

Please brother see if this can help you, it is a great site where you can type in the transliteration of arabic words, and it converts it to arabic for you

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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« Reply #3 on: Jun 03, 2009 10:29 PM »

Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah, and may peace be upon His beloved Prophet.

Barakallahu feek for your nice questions brother, may Allah increase you much in knowledge.

I have heard from the Ulema that covering the arms is not a condition for Salat, and it is not required at all for men.  There is however an authentic hadith that states that one should cover one's shoulders in Salat if they have enough clothes to do so.

As for the Imam, the scholars say that he should refer to the Urf (prevelant customs) of his society.  If the majority of people in the society consider it inappropriate for the Imam to wear short sleeves, he should be considerate and wear long sleeves.  However, if there is no such prevelant custom, he is free to wear short sleeves.

As for Rennan, there are two major opinions amongst the Ulema.

1.)  That chemical substances that undergo transformation (Istihala) become pure and halal, even if their source was haram.  Ibn Qayyim says, "If we reflect, pure water goes through the body and becomes Najs (urine).  Likewise, the reverse can happen.  An impure substance can change and become pure."

2.)  Another group of scholars do not follow the idea of Istihala, or they state that Renin (and other things such as gelatin, glycerine, etc) did not change enough to be considered a new substance.  Thus, they state that such things remain impure and should be avoided.

In the end, we should not condemn others if they consume such things, as they are following a valid opinion of the Ulema.  However, if one wants to be scrupulous in his religion, he may avoid such things to err on the side of caution.

And Allah knows best.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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