// hadith for the matrys of islam
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Author Topic: hadith for the matrys of islam  (Read 2568 times)
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In the battle of Uhud, the Shuhada', after seeing their reward and honor with Allah Ta'ala, longed to tell their brothers that had not yet met martyrdom of the blessing that they had recieved.  The Prophet (SAAS) said, "When your brothers were martyred at Uhud, Allah placed their souls inside green birds which drink from the rivers of Paradise, eat of it's fruits and seek shelter in lamps of gold which are suspended in the shade of the Arsh (the throne)  When they saw how beautiful their food, drink, and abode was, they pleaded, "Who will tell our brothers about us, that we are alive in Paradise and being amply provided for, so that they will not turn away from Jihad or abandon the battlefields.  Allah ta'ala said: "I shall tell them!"  The verse was then sent down:

[Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead, Nay, they are alive with their Lord, provided for/ They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty, rejoicing for the sake of those who have not yet joined them (i.e. not yet martyred) that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve.]   - Aali Imran 3/169-170

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) commanded them (the women emigrants) to be regular (in remembering Allah by saying): "Allah is most great"; "Glory be to the King, the Holy"; "there is no god but Allah"; and that they should count them on fingers, for they will be questioned and asked to speak

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