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Author Topic: Who is hotter? (Detroit)  (Read 632 times)
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2 [agree] or not 2 [disagree]-that is the question

« on: May 25, 2009 07:42 PM »

Article looks better at the source...


Who is hotter?
May 25, 11:22 AM

A few days ago the temperature was up into the 80's in Detroit.  Inevitably as the temperatures increase, so do the questions asked by random passersby -- at least if you are hijaab-ed Muslim girl.

"Aren't you hot in that?!?" a woman my mother's age asks me incredulously.

Yes, ma'am. Yes I am, because last I checked it was 93 degrees outside and everyone was hot.  We might then get into a discussion about how I must be hotter because not only is my head covered but I'm also wearing long sleeves.  I'd probably counter with something like, 'Since my skin is covered it doesn't get burned by the sun and it's really the best idea in this type of weather to wear breezy, loose fitting, fabrics instead of short and tight ones.  I'd also stay away from dark colors and denim, like that of your shorts.  See, the sun beams down on your exposed arms and legs directly whereas my long, flowy clothing serves as a barrier to the rays in addition to capturing the light breezes in the air that may pass you by.'

Covered Muslim Girl- 1

Exposed Random Lady- 0

I don't always have the time or patience to politely explain why I'm not about to die of heat stroke to random strangers.  Some people ask because they really are concerned about my well being, most people seem to be curious about how I might respond and yet others will put forth the question as a nasty accusation.  Everything in their manner asserts that I must be oppressed or stupid or extreme if I wear hijab.

Listen, I'm just like you and everybody else.  I try to live my life honestly and I have beliefs for which I'll stand.  So yes, it is hot.  'But I'd just as soon go without my hijaab as you would without your pants'.


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