// Amazing Miracles in the Quran- Shaykh Dawud Musa
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Author Topic: Amazing Miracles in the Quran- Shaykh Dawud Musa  (Read 1887 times)
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« on: Jun 10, 2009 10:45 PM »

Amazing Miracles of the Quran

Sh. Dawud Moosa

The Quran is a book of miracles, even in its wording.  Allah says, “Indeed all things We have created with Destiny.”  Reflect on this:

The word Dunya occurs in the Quran exactly 115 times.

The word Akhira, too, occurs exactly 115 times.  Subhanallah.

Check with your computer.

The word Kufr and Iman  each occur 8 times.

The word Salihaat and its derivations and the word hassanaat and its derivations each occur 107 times.

This is another fact to reflect on.  The word ayaam (days) occurs exactly 30 times, the number of days in a month.

The word yowm (day) occurs exactly 365 times, the number of days in a solar year.

And the word shahr (month) occurs exactly 12 times, the number of months in a year.

Here is another fact to reflect on:

The words Malaika (angels) and shayateen (devils), occur 88 times each.

The words saif (sword) and harb (war) occur the same number of times.

The words saif (summer) and shtaa (winter) occur the same number of times, each twice.

The word iblees and and the istiadha also occur the same number of times.

The is another type of miracle in the Quran.  It involves the writing of the Mushaf Uthmani, which was completed during the caliphate of Uthman, may Allah be pleased with him.

Take the word imra'ah (lady).  It's last letter is taa.  It can either be written as a taa marboota, like a circle, or taa maftooha, like a semi circle opened up.

In 7 places it is written as a taa maftoohah:  imratu imraan, imratu aziz, imrata aziz (second time, in surah Yusuf) imratu firaoun, imrat nuh, imrat lut, and imrata firoun.

Why?  Since the lady is connected to her husband, so it is written taa maftooha.

In 2 places, it is written as a taa marbootah, closed, like a sakoon with two dots above it, the verses: (in imratun khafat min ba’liha nushooza), and (imratun mumina in wahabt nafsaha).

Why is it marbootah?  Since the imra’ah (lady) is not attached to her husband, it is proof that the writing of the Mushaf Uthmani, is a miracle.

Another fine miracle, wallaai and walaaati (they both mean women) but since when she is young, the Quran uses the term walaati, with the ‘ta’ of feminity, but when the woman becomes old she is wallaai.

The Quran teaches us preciseness in speech and provides exactness in differentiating between two closely related things.  This is from the wise rulings of the Quran, so glory to the One Whose Speech this is, glory be to Allah!

And we add to this, when a Muslim reads the Quran and he finds these fine miracles, he should reflect, why did Allah place this is in the Quran?  Why are the numbers of this word the same as that?

Allah wants us to reflect and understand, and if we understand, we will have a good comprehension of the Quran.

The scholars say, the blessing of the Quran isn't simply reciting, although that has a reward, but the reward is for the one who understands and acts according to it, as well as acting according to the Sunnah.

Oh Allah, grant us sincerity and acceptance, for you are the One who is capable of that.

Wassalamualaikum wrt wb.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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