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Author Topic: Stories which Insha-Allah will Increase our Faith  (Read 1434 times)
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« on: Jun 25, 2009 02:35 AM »
Assalámu 'Alaykum waRahmathuláhi waBarakáthuhu
Insha-Alláh You are all good and well, and enjoying the sweet fragrant
fruits of Taqwá of this blessed month.
We have attached below links to stories which Insha-Alláh will Increase
our Imán, Keep us Steadfast, and be a reminder for our own journey and its
end story...
"...Relate to them the stories, perhaps they may reflect and take heed"
"Verily in their stories, there are Lessons for those who have
understanding..." Yusuf: 111
Salah Ad-Din: Greatest Rulers of the Greatest Ummah!
The Story of Asiyah-The...
The Story of Ibrahim and Ismael
Bilal Assad - The Story of Abu Qudama
An Extraordinary Story of Brotherhood
Bravest people in the World
Murtaza Khan - Story of Abu Khudama Ash-Shami
Story of Firaun`s Daughter`s Maid
Imam Awlaki Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
"Verily he has tasted the sweetness of Imán; he who accepts Allah as his
Lord, Islam as his Deen and Muhammad (saw) as his Messenger."
"There are three qualities, whosoever has them will taste the sweetness of
Iman; Loving Allah and His Messenger above all else, loving someone solely
for the sake of Allah, and hating to return to disbelief after Allah has
rescued him from it, as much as he would hate being thrown into Hellfire."
(Related by Al-Bukhari)
Jazakumullahu Khayran!
Wassalamu 'Alaykum waRahmathulahi waBarakathuhu
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