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Apr 18, 2014 02:16 PM
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Author Topic: Mim, the teacher of all  (Read 827 times)
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Jaihoon barely matters :(Jaihoon barely matters :(
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« on: Jul 26, 2009 09:49 AM »

- Jaihoon
To bow to your Lord
To cry in sujud
To smile in gratitude
To hope in solitude

To love your parents
And give happiness
To take their care
While they are near

He taught us all
Mim, the teacher of all

To respect your elders
To fondle the youngsters
To greet the teachers
To care for servants

To love her and be loyal
To show her manners royal
To play and joke with her
To not forget to kiss her

He taught us all
Mim, the teacher of all

To be sincere in your work
And not cheat in what you transact
To pay workers on time
To not cause them any harm

To visit the ones sick
To pray for their relief
To give poor their dues
To win their heart’s rejoice

He taught us all
Mim, the teacher of all

He is the teacher on earth and skies
From him learned the world that it exists

Were it not for his grace
I would not see my soul’s face

Moments that I lived truly are less
Moments my soul loved him so glorious

My brightest star a ray from his love
My highest achievement from his love

My biggest sin when I ignored him
My greatest virtue when I loved him

Till today morn the earth was in despise
Tonight his love made the stars jealous

In this imperfect world
Live I in an imperfect mould
If there is anything gold
It is knowledge Musatafa-told

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
He taught us all
Mim, the teacher of all

July 26 2009. Inspired during last week’s khutba

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