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Author Topic: Assistance Requested: Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick  (Read 1761 times)
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« on: Jul 30, 2009 07:04 PM »

Asalaamu alaikum to all:


Please be advised that our dear brother, Imam and community builder and leader Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick and his family have been visited by a major challenge and really need our help.


Yesterday, there was a fire that sweep through the home that they were staying in and it burned out the entire first floor of the house. The total damage is still being determined, however, the real problem is that they did not have house insurance to cover this type of tragedy and therefore they are facing massive financial difficulties to recover from this situation.


This is how you can help.


1.       Please contact Brother Abdullah at 647-500-5683 or at

2.       Collect what funds (Zakat included) from your family, friends and associates and make arrangements to support this worthy cause

3.       Please forward this massage to your list of contacts and friends and ask them to offer whatever support they can too as well


Should anyone have any questions or concerns of course you can always contact me to connect you with the family or to collect the support that you have to offer. May Allah accept it from us all. Ameen. Thank you for your time, generosity and consideration in this matter. Your support is appreciated.


With respect always,


Ibrahim Downey

CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)

SIBKIS Counseling & Consulting Services Inc.

Cell: 416-356-9654

Office: 416-227-3423


Web site:

Training site:


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His house in South Africa?
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