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Author Topic: Imams of Guidance, Lanterns in the Darkness  (Read 1365 times)
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« on: Aug 25, 2009 01:28 AM »

Asalamualaiakum wrt wb,

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am in the process of preparing a book on the noble Sahabah which is a translation of a series entitled (Imams of Guidance, Lanterns of Light in the Darkness), and I wanted to ask if someone could help me with editing (fixing spelling and grammer mistakes, etc)?  The goal is that these noble Sahabah will serve as role models for our young generation.  Inshallah you will share in the Ajr and earn great rewards in the Akhirah. 

Here is the first chapter.  If you are willing to participate in this project, please let me know.  May Allah reward you.


1 Ramadan, 2009-08-22

Imams of Guidance, Lanterns of Light in the Darkness
Shaykh Muhammad Hassan

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, all praise to him that is befitting His Awesome Majesty, the Living, Who does not sleep, and it is not befitting of His Majesty to Sleep, and the actions of the day raise up to him at night, and the actions of the night rise up to Him in the day.

His covering is Light, Glory to Him, and they did not make a just estimation of Allah, and the Earth will all be in the Hand of Allah on the Day of Judgement.

And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger, His beloved, the Best of the Messengers, the Brick of Completion, and the Perfection Misk, and He raised hardships from the people, and he walked on burning coals, seeking a way to guide the lost.

He spread light and Tawheed, light the Sun spreads its light in the daylight.

May Allah send peace and prayers upon his, his companions, and all those who eagerly seek his w

May Allah bless your beautiful faces, and purify your souls, and place love of the religion in your hearts.

My honored sisters and brothers, you have all earned place for yourselves in Paradise.

I ask Allah to join us in Paradise.

My beloved, there is no present for a community who forgets their past, and no future for those who forget their noble qualities.  And if remembering our history was to simply cry over lost glory, then the blossoming of the past is nothing but vain gloating.

And the enemies of our religion have placed barriers of all sorts between us and our noble tradition, so that our nation cannot attain light from this glory.

In a time that all nations are proud of their past, and the most worthy of this is the nation of Muhammad, and the goodness of this Ummah is not nationalistic, or ethnic, no it is goodness derived because this nation will carry the light of guidance to the whole worlds.

This nation has left behind men and women whom the entire world will always look to proudly.

And it is very difficult for me to encompass these noble personalities, or even ennumarate them.

It is impossible to capture the breathes of history, or to pick a beautiful flower from a garden filled with flowers.  Or a star

Come, by beloved, to spend this book, with the Imams of Guidance, the Lanterns in the Darkness.

A series of Chapters that I present to the Ummah, after we discussed and revived the hearts of the Ummah by discussin the Signs of the End of Time.

I want to present working examples, and noble perfect prototypes, and yesterday I spoke about the noble Prophet, come today to revolve around the Sun, for the Sun rose over the Arabian Pennisnusla, and changed its darkness into light.

The Sahabah were like stars revolving around this sun, and these stars will always provide light.
And the Ummah, in a time when its identity was been stripped away, and years have gone by with out purpose, and evil people have been place for them to follow.

I don’t present "Imams of Guidance, Lanterns in the Darkness" to tell stories, no it is a program in Tarbiyya, for Leaders, rulers, men, women, workers, honest business men, young men, young women, for kids.

Yes I went ot present of working program, and a example, and so man evil people have been put forth to be examples for this Ummah.

And I want to show those who have salivated to harm the prophet and the Sahabah, and I want to speak of them, not to raise their status, for the one who raised their status is Allah, no, put to raise my own status.

My beloved, I will focus on the Sahabah, and in each chapter I will speak of a noble Sahabi, not to speak of their personal history, like Abu bakr or Umar, or Ali, it might take an entire book on each personality.

But in this book, I want to speak about only one Sahabah in each chapter, to pick the pearls and lessons from their lives, so that we can all benefit from their biographies, and the Ummah is in desperate need of their examples, for men, women, and children.

I will not speak only about men, now this Ummah was produced noble women as well, and we will spend some chapters talking about men, and also about the pure noble women companions, and maybe women that were not from the companions.

And I will close this book by speaking about a great Imam who brought the Ummah back to the age of the Prophet, by his character, his kindness, and justness, and we will close by on him:  Umar bin Abdul Aziz, and Imam Abu Hanifi, Shafii, Malki, and Ahmed, and we will close by Imam Ahmed, Imam of the Sunnah.

And the Prophet in saheehayn the prophet gave us good news, and person asked the Prophet, “When is the hour.”  What have your prepared for it.  Not much, except a little work.  A person is with whom he loves.  I love the Messenger, Abu bakr, and Umar.

And Oh Allah, bear witness, that we love the Propeht, and Abu bakr, and Umar, and all the Sahabah, and You know our hearts more than anyone, and let us revived amongst them.

It is dryness and lack of Fiqh, and lack of Hikmah, if I begin this book speaking about the Imams of Guidance, without speaking

The are the most noble creations after the messengers and prophets, And Allah chose them the day He chose the Prophet pbuh, abdullha bin masud said, as narrated by Ahmed:

“Allah looked at the hearts of the servants, and found that the nadhar fee qulub al ibaadthe most pure was that of the Prophet, then the most pure after that, and made them the Sahahabah.”

Allah didn’t choose greater then them, or better them, and some wrong them since they do not know the noble status of being a companion of the Prophet.

A Sahabah is one who met the prophet, believed in him, and died on iman.  This is the definition of a Sahahbah.  What an honor!

Imagine a person who met him, and didn’t believe, what a loss.  There are those who met him but did not die on Iman.

This is the noble status of the Sahabah, and to those who wrong them, I say to them, the time has come to break your pens, and stop your slanders, and listen to these noble personalities.

It is not right for a person who has a lost identity, and deviated ideas, to speak about these noble personalilites, for speaking of them requires purity in Aqeedah, sincerity in niyya, and trust in conveying, and deep analysis, understanding, and the ability to weed out the false lies and fabricated narrations about them.  This requires knowing the knowledge of jarh and ta’deel.

It is not right for anyone to speak about this beautiful noble people.  If they refuse to stop their lies, then the sky is not harmed by someone who raises his paralyzed hands to harm it.

Those who try to harm the imams of guidance, they are like a fly that lands on a huge palm try.  When the fly is ready to fly, she says to the tree, get ready, I am going to take off and fly!

Come with the final word, and leave their words aside.  Come to the purest words, the words of Allah, and the Words of the Prophet.

And this is my methodology, Allah said, and the Prophet said, and I am honored to do this, for the rest of my life, until the day I die.

Listen to the words of Allah.  Imam al Baghdadi mention in kifayaah fi ilam a riyya

The justice of the sahahba is estiablished in the Quran and Sunnah by the words of Allah, and there are many verses.

Allah says, “You were the best nation sent to the people, commanding to good, and forbidding evil, and the fir

Shaikh, this is for the whole Ummah?  Yes, but the first ones to be addressed by this verse are the Sahabah of the Prophet.  This is not an honor by the UN, or the US, it is by Allah!

You are the best nation, and Allah said, honoring this Ummah, the Ummah that is symbolized by the prophet.

‘wa kadhailik we mad eyou a middle nation.”

The Prophet said, “Noah will be called on the Day of Judgement, and Allah will say, did you call your people, and Allah knows better, and Nuh will say, Yes.  (He spent almost 1000 years calling his people, and he left no stone unturned in calling them
Inni da’awtuhum jihara…

“yes, I called them.   Allah will say to Nuh’s people, did Nuh give Dawah to you?  They will say no, no warner came to us.  Allah will say, “Who will be a witness for you oh Nuh?” 
Nuh will say, “Muhammad and his Ummah.”  Then they will be called, and give witness.

This is why Allah said, “Wa kadhalik ja’lnaka ummatun wasatan.”

Ibn Majah, “They will be called, and they will say, who told you Nuh called his people,  They will say, the Prophet came and told us that the messengers called their people.” 

This is the great status of this Ummah, it will witness for Nuh, and this Ummah believed in its Prophet.

The Shaahdah are Allah’s witness on earth, for whomever the Sahabah testify on their behalf, the Jannah is therse, and the fire.

In Bukhari and Muslim, “A Janaza  ….wajabat…the praised it, fa qal wajabat

Umar said, “Ma wajabat?”

The Prophet said, “The first one , who praised it, so the Jannah was required for it, and the second, you blamed it…

Allah says, “Aladheena istajabu lillah wa ar rasul…min ba’da asabahum al qarh, hasbunaallah wa nimallah wakeel.  Inna an naas qad jama’ lakum.

This was the day of Uhud.  The blood was pouring forth. 

My heart and mind, by Allah, when I reflect on this verse, is about to fly.  Allah says, “Ya awahanabi, hasbukallah. and what, “wa manitaba’aka min al mumineen.”

Allah is saying the the Prophet pbuh, Allah is sufficient for you, and whom?  The Mumineen, the Sahabah first and foremost.

Allah said, “And those who believed, and walatheena amanu wa hajaru wa jahadu fee sabeelillah walatheena awaow wa nasaroo.”

These were the muhajarheen, and the nasaroo ansaar.  They are the true believers.

This is the witness of Allah most High!   

Allah says, “Wa saabaquna al awaloon min al muhajareen wal ansaar., waltheen taabauhum bi ihsaan. Radiallah anhum, wa addu lahum janaat thalika al fawz al adhi

May Allah make us of those who follow them with Ihsaan.

Allah said, “Laqad radiallahu ‘an aldheena ba’auukum tahta ashajara.”

This was the Pledge of Ridwan, “inma yubayoona Allah.”

And Allah says, about the poor of the Muhajiooran,

So let those who extend their tongues against the Sahabah, and the Sahabahs luggage has already been placed in paradise awaiting them.

“Lila fuqaraa almuhajireen waladhena tabaadar wal imaan, wa yuthiroon alal anfooshim

And those who come after, may Allah make us of them, “Waladheena jaau min ba’dihim..”

And I will close with this verse, “Muhammadur rasoolah, dhalika mathalhum fitawraah”

Imam malik, imam of dar al Hijra, was asked about a  person who finds hatred in his heart for the Shahabah of the Prophet, so Imam malik read this verse, “Muhammadur rasoolulah….”

Malik said, whoever wakes up in the morning, and in his hatred in his heart for , then he has been afflicted by this verse.

And those who do that, the salaf said, they are deviants who raise their tongues, and say that the the Shahabah were permissive and would commit fornication, and because of this they were permitted by Muhammad to pass throught the Masjid and they were junub, no you are humiliated!@

This is our Prophet, in the saheehays, the “Khairun naas qarni, thumma aldheen yaloonahum.”

Abu Zura’ said, if you see someone who attacks the Sahabah, then know he is a zindeeq.

They want to destroy the Sahabah, so they can take down the Quran, and the Sunnah.

Yes, the fight between falsehood and truth is old, but they take new forms, and this is a war against the symbols of the religion, and the scholars who propogated the religion, so that the Ummah will be left without its pillars and they start with the Sahahabaah, and they continue until this day.

So beware…

The Propeht said, in Saheehayan, “Do not curse by Sahabhi, la tasubbu ashaabi, for law anfaqa ahadakum mithla “

And in muslim, The Prophet looked at the sky, and say the stars, “Wa anna amatun li ashaabi, wa ashaabi amatun li umaati,

And in Muslim, Abu Sufyan passed by some of the companions of the Prophet, like Salman, and Suhaib, and Bilal, the poor, the ones whom Allah said, “wasbir nafsaka maldheena.”

The Prophet is being reprimanded by this verse, “Tureedu zinatal hatadunay..”  for these poor Sahabah.

“Mara abu Sufyan

Abu bakr, “Ataquuloona hadha li shaykh al Quraysh wa sayyidihim.”

Abu Bakr went to the Prophet, who said to him, “Oh Abu bakr, perhaps you angered them.  And if you have made them upset, you have made Allah angry with you.”

To this extent!

Whoever angers the Sahabah was angered Allah.  So fear allah, and know the status of the Sahahab, and know their station.  This is not for culture, or pleasure in telling stories, or to brag about the stories of the Sahabah, not this only, but it is to fill our hearts with love for them.

Imam Tahawi said, “We love the companions of the Prophet pbuh.  And we remember them in goodness, and we hate those hate them, and mention them in evil ways, and love of them is imaan, ihsaan, and deen, and hate of them is hypocrisy and evil.”

And Bukhari has a chapter, “Love of the Ansaar is from Imaan.”

They are the ones who gave victory to the religion of Allah, so that it would reach us.  We must read their stories anew, not for culture, but to take their example.

Yes our schools must add their biographies to their curriculum.  Islam will never be able to restore is status of the greatest nation unless it changes these stories into a minhaj for life.

It is amazing that such personalaties transformed the face of the earth it a period of time that is insignificant by the standards of history, and the prophet did not leave books, but he wrote on the hearts of the Sahabah with the light of guidance.

They perfected Akhlaaq, and history looks back at this with pride and awe.

Yes, we are in such a need

“They paid the tax for the success of the religion with their blood. 
And people think the victory of religion is free.
They payed it by sleepless nights and striving.
The night knows them,  crying out of fear.
And battle  knows them, brave warriors.
And Allah knows them, the helpers of his Dawah.
And people know them, helpers of the truth.”

May Allah be pleased with the Shahabah of the Prophet, and join us with them in Paradise, by our love for them, even if our actions are short.

We will continue in this garden of biographies, and derive the lessons, and dive for pearls in this beautiful ocean,

My honored friends, I ask Allah to reward the Sahabah with the best of blessings, and to gather us with them and the Imam of the Prophets in Paradise.

Our next chapter will be with one of these Imams of guidance, and I leave you in the care of Allah, who never lets those in His Care go to loss,

And may peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
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