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Author Topic: Need Help with Ramadan Speech!! (quickly plz:)  (Read 1327 times)
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Its the time for you to earn reward by helping me:) hehe ok enough joking

I have to do a speech on personal experience.  It can be a 'slice of life story' or family tradition based on your culture or some frightening or embarrasing experience.

I am thinking 'Ramadan' on the category its a 'tradition' each year.

So if it was informative it would be easy because there are alot of facts about Ramadan and fasting. But this is about a personal experience. 'how did u feel'
intro should capture attenton
story should be very clear (2-3 points)

I think it should be like the Ramadan diaries (yes the ones I avoid)

writing just bring anxiety for me

so please help!

Im trying to think of something special thing that happened during Ramadan..but can think of anything?

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InshaAllah you'll be good!

hmmm... do you remember running into certain people where a change came about them because of a certain situation? Or family ? Sometimes I've seen how something really small can go a long way and be much more appreciated ?

I am sure you have had a special experience, just takes a little digging InshaAllah...

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Actually do a Ramadan diary...

But first post it up and we'll critique it!!!! We'll tell you if you've got all the points in and then you can draw up a final draft including our suggestions et voila, you'll have contributed ot the Ramadan diaries and done your assignment!


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