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Author Topic: Angry? Lying down Sunnah proven to help...  (Read 811 times)
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Our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said:

    When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down. [Abu Daud; Book 41, No. 4764]

Not that we need any more evidence after our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) has spoken on a subject to believe something to be true,  however it is always nice to see that 1400 years after his words were spoken western science is catching up.

Researchers in at the Texas A & M University discovered that if you are angry then the best thing to do is to lie down.

Taken from The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/6016087/Insults-are-better-taken-lying-down-claim-scientists.html

    …the students chosen for the study heard a voice recording of someone disparaging the intelligence, likeability and logical skills of the essays.

    Volunteers who heard these insults while on their backs felt as angry as volunteers who were upright. However, measurements showed that in upright volunteers, a reaction in the brain that has been linked to anger and the likelihood of retaliating.

    Those who received their insults while lying down, however, did not experience the same angry brain reaction.

    The scientists now think that lying down could affect how the brain handles other emotions, such as desire and happiness.

    Peter Bandettini, a brain imager at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, said: “It never occurred to me that body position might influence behavioural or neuronal activity in the context of aggression – but it makes sense.

    “I do think that this is somewhat specialised to things like aggression or anger.”

The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is human perfection!

May Allah (SWT) confer blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad and bless and bestow peace upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad. And shower Your mercy upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad in the manner You conferred blessings, blessed and showered mercy upon Ibrahim and upon the family of Ibrahim in all the worlds. Verily, You are the Praiseworthy, the Majestic.

Source: hamzajennings.com/2009/09/01/angry-well-lying-down-helps-say-scientists/
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