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Author Topic: lentil and rice  (Read 2223 times)
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« on: Jan 29, 2008 09:36 PM »

Asssalamu Alaikum

a very easy recipe. 

Lentils and rice

1 large onion chopped
1 cup brown lentil, washed
2 cup basmati rice, washed
2 Tbl sp veg. oil
ground black pepper
all spice
some curry poweder (optional)

boil the the lentils for 30-45 minutes in about 4 cups of water
remove excess water
fry chopped onions in veg oil for 3-5 min, until golden
add salt, pepper and all spice (and curry spice if you would like)
add the lentils and stir for 10 min
add the washed rice and enough water to cover the surface of the mixture by 1 inch
leave on medium heat for 30 minutes.

use a heavy bottom pot or a non stick pot for this.  if you don't have that, raise the pot
so that it is not in direct contact with the heating element.

serve with yogurt or salad.

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 2008 03:03 PM »


this is similar to the Durban Biryani except that we add meat that has been marinated in yoghurt and spices, fried potatoes (halved or whole).  It is set in layers of meat, lentils, cooked rice, onions and baked in the oven until the water has evaporated from the meat / yoghurt mixture and the meat is cooked. 

Cooking time takes about 2 hours though depending on size of pot etc.

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