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Apr 23, 2014 08:17 AM
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Author Topic: Hajj: Life 2.0 (series)  (Read 1493 times)
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« on: Jan 31, 2008 05:14 AM »

The journey

Though this journey was intended 2 years back, various engagements delayed it. Alternatively, it rather be put this way: other events in life pushed this holy trip to the right time by the will of the Master of the Worlds. No delay is real delay, for, every flower blooms from the womb of destiny only at the most appropriate moment. Such is the beauty of the Designer.

Plans executes He
Not a bit hesitates He

I was not able to attend any of the lectures of hajj. This was partly due to overconfidence and partly due to circumstances. I thought it would be better to go with mind empty; not with others’ experiences hefty.

It has been customary to say farewell to all relatives and friends when one has decided to make the pilgrimage. I have not yet understood the spiritual significance of such a practice. On my mother’s persistent insistence, I had to make a long parade of phone calls to relatives in Kerala and Emirates. That is when I realized the length and breadth of my acquaintances. The phone directory in my cell was of definite help in this matter. The 300+ contacts gave a quick access to everyone concerned.

The preceding week before the journey was of great excitement. Medical tests and other documentation were cleared in a breeze, al hamdu lillah. The amir had issued a list of to-take items which were religiously purchased.

The would-be pilgrim turns to a superhero with requests flooding for making duas for them. Juniors and elders, sick and healthy, abled and disabled- everyone made requests. I was a chosen one: invited by God to His House. Not out of the guest’s ability, but the Host’s generosity.

The bus was to leave after Dhuhr prayer. All assembled in the masjid and the crowd of relatives were more in number. Friends of bachelors and spouses of married ones, the tears rolled in true fashion of love. Neither of them knew if the travelers would return safely back home. Deaths could happen anywhere, anyhow: during travel, the crowded rites, and infectious diseases.

The more our attachments, the more our pain of separation. A man with wife, son, mother, sister, brothers would suffer more the agony of separation than a brother without these ‘love-hooks’ which violently clings to his soul.

Realization of Death as a living realty would solve at least 90 per sent of our problems. Most vices are conceived because one’s own death is ignored. The hajj farewell to my relatives was like farewell from this world. I wasn’t too sure if I would make it. After the congregational dua’, I boarded the bus. And when the wheels started rolling, I knew I was helpless to stop it. Same could be the experience of death. I guess…

- Jaihoon  desibro

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