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Author Topic: Islamic ruling??  (Read 1468 times)
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« on: Oct 31, 2009 04:10 PM »

i need the Islamic ruling on the matter. i tried few answering websites but the quota there is always full.

the matter is my husband and his elder brother put up the business.The money was totally from his elder brother and  my husband's hard work.  And now the business have grown up into two parts.
the second was started a month back.As soon as the second one was started, my husband was told to leave the business because he wanted to take hold of the first one completely. 
the first one is on my husband's name because his elder brother was working away from his home.

So the question is can my husband, islamically claim this property or what is his share and his brother's share??
His elder brother have hardly paid any attention to the business, behaves rudely with customers, delays payments.What ever the business is standing till today have been my husband's hard work and on his brother's part ,its his  money.
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Wa alaikum as salaam.

This is why business partners, Muslim and non-Muslim, should sign agreements which include buyout options in the event that one partner wants to take over or relinquish his or her portion of the business.

With an agreement, whoever wants the other portion of the business could make a cash offer for it.  Or the two partners could agree to split everything 50-50 (or whatever is agreed upon) and each could walk away as individual business owners.

I hope your husband is able to work out a solution with his brother.  Even if you get a ruling, this is bound to cause hard feelings if either brother feels he is being cheated or treated unfairly.
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